Sunday, April 24, 2011

Normal Rudhish Things!

Since I have been participating in the colour challenge, a number of things keep springing to mind about things that I should be sharing... Every week I try to shake up my look, possibly diving into my fancy dress box or failing that at least digging around in my overly stuffed wardrobe to make a colour swatch work. Yet most weeks I don't tend to list a number of things in the "what is she wearing" list, as I am not a fashion blogger, the basics never change very much and so not only would it be boring to read every week but it would get boring for me too... 
Yet in case you were wondering, I decided to share my 'normal' look... Who knows, people might actually wanna know?? LOL, in any case it gave Hell and chance to laugh as I posed wearing only Censor Bars... The hair I was wearing is hair (Jasmine 2, for anyone interested), but my hair never stays the same for longer than about 24 hours hehe!
What does Rudh always wear;
Skin: [rQ] Tan@ TYPE.o2-w.o2
Cleavage: [AYUMI] v 2.6 (comes in 4 preset skin tone shades but it is modifiable, so it can be coloured to match any skin!)
Lips: KOSH (most often in the Wet Lips variety)
Eyes: *Amerie's Naughty* Popstar Eyes
A close-up shot of my eyes... DAMN that makes my eyebrows look HUGE!
So there you have it folks... Rudh's basics! I just realised, I look scarily skinny in that picture of me without clothing, but trust me I am definitely NOT skinny the pose lies, lol, in the past I have been referred to as a 'Chunky Waisted Ho'... LOL


  1. mmHmm...girlfriend, you gots it goin on!! =)

  2. Woohooo that's a damn sexy Rudh! Way to bare well...almost all of it =P