Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rudhbob Shortpants!

Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea? RUDHBOB SHORTPANTS!
For my RL Birthday, my vehicle making other half took my love of Spongebob and brought it into SL. I have loved Spongebob for a LONG while, and since I have relocated to the Netherlands to be with Hell, the language although translated is simple and easy to understand, so Spongebob is helping me to learn Dutch... HOW COOL IS THAT?!!?! LOL...
Due to the fact that I was presented with the one and only Pattymobile to ever be in world under the H&C Wheels banner, I felt that a bit of dressing up was in order... Ok I didn't need an excuse...
What did I put on as Rudhbob Shortpants; (not that anyone will really wanna know but)
Hair: Magika - Glitter Aina (re-coloured from the original Christmas freebie, which was white - SORRY lol)
Skin: The Stringer Mausoleum - Rainbow Skins
Shirt: Last Call - Part of Britney Set (Oh, how I miss Last Call!)
Tie: Paradisis - Part of Midnight Kiss Outfit
Pants: Concrete Flowers - Misha Shorts (modded to be shorter by Lynaja Bade) 
Socks: Sassy Kitty - Sporty White Knee Warmers
Boots: Last Eden - Tall Boots
I could have gone a bit more boxy... but that would be too close to the original Spongebob and I had to keep some of that Rudh Flair in the outfit lol... 
One final thing to mention... Am I weird? LOL Be honest now LOL...

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  1. HAHHAHAHAA...Rudhbob Shortpants!! LOVE IT!! I love Spongebob to!!!