Monday, April 11, 2011

We'll miss you lil Biko!

Yesterday was a BAD day in the RL RudHELLowen household... The gig that I went to on saturday night, that was mentioned in the colour post was fun if rather weird considering there were only 5 people in the club besides myself, the other band and their one supporter... 
After a week of craziness I had been hoping to relax, but it was not to be! Hell and I were told by his mum to get to her place pronto, Biko (our doggie, more like our baby really) was sick... She has had a rare untreatable cancer and she'd gone down-hill... Sadly to say we took her into the vets, one look into her huge puppy eyes (the type that only a dog can give) and you knew she was asking for help, but we came home without her... 
I had always planned that this blog wouldn't be a space to talk about RL, but I had to share a pic of my doggie looking cute! Biko was the baby of the house - spoilt with her favourite doggie cookies, allowed to sleep on the bed (although we tried to NOT let her at first) and constantly wanting to be near you, she would follow you like a shadow. I'm trying to remember the good times, I laugh at the times she would run upstairs in front of us and fart knowing we would have to walk through it... If she was here now she wouldn't want tears, she would put her paw on your knee as if to say 'HEY don't do dat'... She was Hell's little princess and I am trying to be strong for him, but Damn now that he has gone to work, and I am home alone its hard not to miss you Biko...


  1. I hear you Rudh.... know how that feels...
    from the look in their eyes to coming back home without.

  2. awww ... that's so sad ... it made me cry too ... and if a lolli would help I'd send you lots of it
    but I know it doesn't
    but at least Biko doesn't have to suffer anymore ... I'm sure she's in doggie heaven ...

    thinking of you and hell and sending big hugs

  3. Awww Rudh...I am so sorry about your sweet doggie. I've been there before to, and it hurts our hearts so very much.
    Thank you for sharing with us, your not alone =)