Saturday, April 16, 2011

Concrete Flowers and Themory!

Project Themory, one of the best events of the week, when a collection of stores create something to a theme and release it at a mere cost of 75l... Themes vary every week, one week it could be all about the cute, then the next it could be featuring ways to maim your husband, for example... Lol (don't worry Hell that wasn't anything in reference to you - YET anyway!)
This week, week 50, it is Mismatch week... So from 12am on Saturday to 12pm on Sunday, the mismatched items are on sale for no more than 75l...  Concrete Flowers is up for the event this week, and during one of our random chats about nothing in particular and yet everything at once Lynnie said she couldn't think what to create... I suggested Mismatched earrings... Well BUGGER ME, there are some Concrete Flowers Mismatched earrings... NAMED AFTER ME YAY!!!
Have to show them off...
LOL - The professional photo in the store looks better, but for 75l you get not one but two pairs of gorgeous earrings (as Lynaja put a left and a right of each set in the box) I think that is a BARGAIN... Head to Concrete Flowers ASAP this will only be around at this price till Sunday at 12pm!!! There is also a large helping of Miss Bade's Pickle and Fruit pudding, AND some mismatched curtains!!

As a note to Lynnie... I bet the earrings outsell the pickle and fruit pudding!! Thank you for naming them after me *hugs* they are both super awesome and really pretty... I loves my Fairy BobMother!

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