Saturday, April 16, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 24!

Another Saturday rolls in and another week crossed off on the calendar... This week was to be an EASY colour outfit for me... Never normally a colour I would pick to wear, I tended to shy away from anything that wasn't in red or black... I do say tended, since being a part of this challenge I have become someone who will wear colour, it is rather scary but I actually choose colours I would NEVER normally wear (yesterday I was wearing a PINK SHIRT... I was like OMG! hehe) 
Yet I had been sorting out my fancy dress box, and when this colour came up I knew EXACTLY what I was going to wear... This week I became Sleeping Beauty! Well, OK not when she was sleeping, I am the Sleeping Beauty who woke up and even though her Prince Charming had vanquished the Evil Witch, I was still pissed enough to take revenge starting with her Spinning Wheel! 
Week 24...
Week 24: When I wake up I am usually in a pissy mood, this was one of my better days... hehe
What is she wearing this week;
Hair: Magika - Sofia
Lipstick: KOSH - Wet Lips
Rose: KOSH- Crying Rose
Necklace: *Amaranthus* - Flowery
Outfit: Hopscotch - 100 years of Sleep (past hunt prize)

Sssh don't tell Hell that I nearly burnt a hole in the floor of our attic... I'd be in big trouble and wouldn't be allowed to be there unsupervised hehe! 

Next week - Eggshell Blue... Luna didn't change the name by accident so I'm gonna go with calling it that and it may have a name change by post week lol!


  1. Great twist on the Sleeping Beauty story!

  2. o.o ... if that's your better day ... I don't wanna meet you when you're in a pissy mood ... guess I'd have to call Hell for help then ;-)
    awesome outfit choice btw :-)
    and I definately wouldn't let you into my attic unattended

  3. Hmmm is this what u do when you are not around huh, Didn't see any burn marks lol

    Nice dress baby but yeah you all ready know I love purple :)

  4. This is great, kick ass and take names! I dig the look as well, such a pretty little wench.

  5. Great scene! You rocked it :)

  6. Hah! Love the twist about burning the spinning the wheel and you look very avenging with that pose, too. ^_^

  7. Fantastic! Nice take on Sleeping Beauty. You look very vengeful.

  8. Love your item from the "Fancy Dress Box" Your adorable my friend. XoX

    Ps..~looks innocent~ what burning hole in the floor? =) I wont tell if you wont, and he will never know! =)

  9. Well I guess you told THAT spinning wheel!

  10. I love the twist on sleeping beauty..and you look fantastic!

  11. I never knew Sleeping Beauty had such an attitude! Fabulous! :) Great outfit, too.

  12. I adore the sleeping beauty attitude! Great dress!