Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Here I am sneaking this Giant Egg away from the bunny and planning to hide it from Hell so that I don't have to share, you can tell what kinda kid I was during the Easter Egg hunts of my youth lol... But I just wanted to leave a little message to wish everyone a very happy and chocolatey Easter... I'm not religious, but if you are enjoy that too... I hope everyone gets to eat so much chocolate over the next few days that it makes them bouncy like the real Easter Bunny, hehe... 
Also, please don't laugh at my photo-shopping skills... I am actually learning at the moment how to use the programme and OK it isn't the best picture that has ever been photo-shopped, but I'm trying!! Gotta give me some credit for that, right?


    Happy Easter and enjoy!

  2. Vrolijk Pasen ;-)
    (thanx to google I can almost speak ... erm ... read and type ... dutch ;-)
    Hope you're having a good time and enjoy this ├╝ber awesome sunny and warm weather