Monday, April 18, 2011

Whats Your Digits... Buggered if I know!

I have been seeing another interesting kinda semi challenge appearing on a number of blogs that I have followed in the past few days, and the idea of it intrigued me... I wanted to join in, but this is one of those challenges I thought that I would have to step back from.
The brain-child of Miss Strawberry Singh (see her original post on this), she asks 'What's Your Digits?' and it has sparked a massive response from people all over SL, shape designers to wearers of their own personally created shapes to buyers of shapes... I personally thought what a fun idea... 
Then I hit a rather large hurdle!
Rudh's wicked curves, or should that be large ass and even larger nunga nungas, are no-mod due to the fact that the shape is a bought one. The shape has become something that originally bugged me, but has now altered my way of thinking... I was bought this shape by one of my first friends in SL way back in 2007, at the time I did not think of it but this guy just wanted to see a Barbie doll with HUGE nungas!
I could just change my shape, believe me I have often thought about it, but after being this shape now for over 4 years I am far too attached to my face... I know that it would be difficult to find someone who could make my face exactly as it is now without the digits... If I could find someone who could help I don't have the lindens to afford it... So I am stuck with the huge nungas, but I learnt now how to dress the shape of them and maybe that's a new skill?


  1. Rudh...I am thinking that even with a shape where the face dimensions match the one you have now, someting will still be off, because it is not the shape you are used to. I know you said it was 07 when you rec'd the shape, do you know if the designer is still around? If so, maybe they have the same shape, but mod. Let me know what you find out. But..honestly speaking, I think your shape looks great! =)

  2. I think you just participated in the challenge. For me the challenge was about sharing our acceptance of our shapes and each unique story. Your story is yours and I think it is a great one.

  3. I wanted to do my stats, but I haven't been near the computer for fun all week as I've been flat-strap (and not the fun way) at work.

    But like teara said, it's a great story and I enjoyed reading a bit about your SL history.