Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who needs breedable pets?!

I wanted to start breeding the kitties, but after the saga of the neighbour with her gajillion horses and remembering how laggy life got when having 10 chickens around, I thought the better of it! I don't think that Hell would have approved at all... I was treasure hunting earlier, and damn in one store I realised they have even started with BREEDABLE DRAGONS... I love Dragons... Yet, I don't have the time, the lindens or the drive to bother with all that again, the chickens were great to start with but after a while they drove me round the bend! Plus, I NOW HAVE SOMETHING BETTER Mwhahahahahaha!!!!!
For Themory last Saturday, Intrigue Co released the Guineasaurus (there where three but what the heck is the plural of Guineasaurus?), when I saw them I wanted them all and was having a small moral dilemma as to which one I wanted most... Hell made my decision for me by "donating" the cost of all three - smart move on his part otherwise it could have been the breeding dragons LOL...
Riding a guinea "Aramis" in my fae disguise!
Yes - he is Aramis, no guesses as to what the others are called... 
I love the fact that in a place like SL I can dress as a fairy and ride around on a GIANT Guinea-pig, named after a musketeer, that squeaks and is dressed like a dinosaur which stomps around... How else in life could I achieve this?? If I wanted to I could breed cats, or chickens (wait I do), or rabbits in RL, but when could I ever have a pet like this?

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