Thursday, December 6, 2018

Making Lists and Wrapping Gifts

I am trying to avoid things being too Christmassy in SL and in RL just yet, I know that soon I will be decorating both my RL and SL houses, and that this weekend the Gators MC have our Winter Christmas formal ball, but for now I'm trying to do other Christmas things without being surrounded by festive decorations! 
I love Christmas I really do, but I really don't enjoy writing Christmas Cards and wrapping presents. For me it's just something that I need to get done - which is weird considering I love sending and receiving postcards! Wrapping tends to be something I do crawling around on the floor in my jammies! Though once again, even doing that, Rudh looks glamorous... 
Wrapping all the presents for my family, checking my list in my notebook - I made a list, I checked it twice LOL - and trying hard not to steal one of the delicious Dust Bunny Cookies! Though, the cookies that she bought for her Daddy from Lost Junction, in the adorable Holiday Cookie Jars, he won't notice that they are empty cookie jars right?! He can use them for other things, like ummm Nails or something?! The edible items, the cookie jars and the wrapping stuff are all items that are available at the current round of The Epiphany, they make such awesome gifts since they are both pretty and transferable!!
I think her glam look is mostly due to her adorable PJS, they are a gacha release at The Imaginarium from Petite Mort. The set includes varying patterns of Novelty Camis, varying colours of Satin Boxers and a Rare Satin Nighty too! I know that this pale colour isn't for everyone's taste - it's not normally mine, but I couldn't resist this time - yet there are darker shades too so there's really something for everyone... Such a pretty Christmas Gift they make!! 

What is she wearing;
Mask & Hair: Lamb - Meow in Red Pack 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Top: Petite Mort - Novelty Cami in Cat Nap (Available until December 31st at The Imaginarium
Shorts: Petite Mort - Satin Boxers in Blush (Available until December 31st at The Imaginarium)
Book: REIGN - Planner in Girl Boss Open 
Pose: FOXCITY - Snack, Pose 3 
Wrapping Boxes: random.Matter - Magical Holidays Gacha Items (Available until December 27th at The Epiphany
Cookie Jars: Lost Junction - Holiday Cookie Jars Gacha Items (Available until December 27th at The Epiphany
Food Decor: Dust Bunny - Season of Giving Gacha Items (Available until December 27th at The Epiphany
Rug: Birdy - Autumn Gacha Item in Faux Shaggy rug Cream 
Tree: Apple Fall - Heritage Christmas Tree in Spruce Green 

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