Saturday, December 8, 2018

Escaping the Christmas Madness

I work in retail in RL, and believe me although it's a cheese shop this time of year is getting more than a little crazy. Apparently there are lots and lots of people that want to give cheese as a gift, and well... Today was absolute madness in the store!! I want to run away, I want to go find somewhere quiet where people won't bug me and hide until after Christmas... 
Somewhere like Rudh has discovered, it looks like a peaceful recluse of a location in Tuscany or something. She's found a place that curling up with a good book and a freshly brewed cup of coffee seems like a really plausible thing! She's going to look glamorous as she does it too, like a Hollywood Celebrity on a quiet winter sun holiday, at La Frontera
Her outfit is just too cute though, maybe we will call this a bit of a look-of-the-day, it's not something usual for Rudh but I fell in love with the way it looked together and well... TADA!!!! 
It's an outfit made up of the gorgeous top from the Venus Frills outfit by MuggleBorn. This outfit comes with the top, sleeve ruffles and a teeny little skirt too, but in place of the skirt I decided to pair the top with a Hana Mini Skirt from The Secret Store in a crazy fun cacti print! 
I love Christmas, I wont be hiding for long but I couldn't handle it today lol... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Moon - Tourniquet in RedHeads 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Glasses: Suicidal Unborn - Pastel Sunglasses 
Top & Sleeves: MuggleBorn - Venus Frills 
Skirt: The Secret Store - Hana Mini Skirt in Cacti 
Pose: Image Essentials - Glasses, Pose 1 

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