Sunday, June 10, 2018

Casting a little Magic...

I don't normally do things involving just décor, I don't feel like I'm very good at it... BUT I had these adorable rugs and needed to find a way to show something magical... 
So today Rudh is working on some special magic... The kind of magic that is the most dangerous and tricky magic... Love Magic... 
The magic is something that comes from true love, but you know sometimes even that needs a little help, and a girl needs to practice her magic making skills... 
She's got a spell book, and is set up ready to go... Everything is on her table ready on Crystal Rug from Candle and Cauldron, and the heat is on... Lets see how much damage she can cause!

What is in the picture;
Books, Heart Bottle, Love Poison & Ingredients: random.Matter - Magical Girl Gacha Items 
Rugs: Candle & Cauldron - Crystal Rugs 
Wands: 7mad;Ravens - Basket of Wands Set 
Jar: Schadenfreude - Memories of Night 
Bowl: SPELL - Healing Crystals in Cyan 
Sign: hive - Put a Spell on You Frame 
Science Bottles: Aisling - Alchemy of Love Gacha Items in DIY Love Potion RARE 
Table: Apple Fall - Cottage Dining Table 
Flowers: LODE -  Balts Dry Flowers in Red 
Pots: .random.Matter. - Librarium Gacha Items in Cauldrons 
Fireplace: Foxes - Travelling Heart Gacha Items in Campfire Dark 

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