Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Snow Days mean Lazy Days

It's a snow day... The snow fell last night and now it's absolutely bloody freezing. Not a lot of snow shows on the ground, it's just a thin dusting, but really it's more of a problem of the wind chill... It's -6°c right now, but with the wind chill factor it feels more like -13°c. Not really a normal temperature for the Netherlands where we're supposedly warming up for spring?!
So today I'm having a lazy day. More curling up on the sofa reading my book... it's getting exciting in there LOL... Lucky Rudh gets a lazy time too!!
It's funny really, I mean you never feel the cold in SL, so going out in the snow in a bikini never seems an issue. Though when I feel cold in RL, I wrap myself up warm, even in SL?! Just like in RL too I'm wearing lazy clothes while doing some sorting in my SL house. Sometimes SL really matches my RL way too much... 
I have some super soft floppy looking Chill Pants - from Spirit - on Rudh right now, with this adorably soft warm looking over sized Shy Sweater - from VCO which may still be available at Hentai Fair, although the event closes it's doors today! 
While doing some cleaning I found something I'd totally forgotten about, and feel kind guilty for having done so... Before Christmas, for a gacha event that may have been Pocket Gacha, but please don't quote me on that, Fapple released a collection of furniture centred around a gorgeous collection of Bean Bag chairs... The Holly Jolly Bean Bag Chair Collection, has a few traces of Christmas but there are also a series of different chairs all with a cute animal theme... Something for a lover of all different animals... Worth trying the machine as all of the animals are SO CUTE!!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Besom - Zia in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Top: VCO - Shy Sweater in Ivory RARE (Available until February 28th at Hentai Fair
Pants: SPIRIT - Chill Pants in Black 
Chair: Fapple - Holly Jolly Bean Bag Chair Gacha Item in Cat Bean Grey Stripe 

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