Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Month of Love - Second Life Calendar 2017

It's early February and as the days begin to get lighter for longer I am hoping that this year will be more successful than the last. So far things aren't looking so bright, but you never know there is plenty of time for it to all change right?
You may remember last month, I started a challenge called Second Life Calendar (Challenge) and so today I bring to you my February instalment of my Second Life Calendar!
February is a month that is dedicated to LOVE - although I personally feel love should be celebrated all year by anyone and everyone. Valentines hearts and romance seem to dominate the month, with Anti-Valentines being sent and shared too, and you're always left guessing will I or will I not be someone's sweetheart!
So let's have a few non-Valentine's facts about February, shall we? 
As the shortest month of the year, February in the Welsh language is often called "y mis bach", which translates to little month, although the Saxons referred to it as "Solmonath"- the month of mud or wet sand, which seems fairly appropriate - whilst in the 8th century it was referred to as the "month of cakes" due to all the sweet treats being offered to the Gods. The month of cakes sounds so much better than the more realistic Solmonath name I feel?! With an amethyst birthstone and the flower of the month being the violet, this purple month is the only one that could pass without a full moon!!! 
Now let's talk about this month's calendar picture, I've decided to share a larger version of the picture that I used so you can see things a bit more clearly!
The outfit is made up of older bits and pieces, things that I've had stashed away including this adorable Faux Fur Stole and Dress set from Foxes, which seemed to work perfectly with the simply gorgeous Anais Necklace from Kunglers, and seemed to be a great look for exploring the Winter Moon location. 
I just hope that it doesn't snow anymore, and hope that I can keep myself from getting too excited about March... March is one of the best months of the year!!! 

What is she wearing
Hair: Truth - Miriam in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Shawl: Foxes - Faux Fur Stole in Autumn Hues 
Necklace: (Kunglers) - Anais Necklace in Moss 
Dress: Foxes - Sweater Dress in Autumn Hues 
Pose: Signature Pose - Sensation, Pose Set 23 

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