Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Witching Hour got a little Demonic...

That's right! You heard me!!! The Witching Hour has pulled me in a Dark and Demonic direction today... There are things I could blame but to be honest no one would believe me, everyone knows it comes out of me occasionally, and you never know when it will pop up... BUT with a little help from The Witching Hour Designers, and a shove from a World Goth Designer and I was thrust straight into the middle of things... 
There were three things that started the Demonic Madness... All of those are items that are available at The Witching Hour this month, hence why I am blaming the event for making my demonic side come to the surface. The three things in question happen to all be head accessories... Firstly it was the HUGE BLD Battle Horns in their Dark Destroyer design - which seems to feature Tolkeineqsue Elvish writing? - then came the just as huge Bat Mask in it's dark blood colour from Tasty Pudding, and finally, because they seemed to just match with the other two items beautifully I chose to wear the Salem Slither eyes in a red tone! 
The only problem with all that was the fact that I found myself looking too human... I had to let the inner Demon take control... My skin became more of a Chameleon look, shifting to a bright red colour, to match the fire red Stargazer Creations style I was wearing in my hair. 
I decided to pull on something comfortable, casual but so adorable before I took a demonic walk through Hell... These Slacker Shirts from SongBird - which you can grab for yourself at the awesome World Goth Fair - come with dun slogans written all over them and they look awesome!
I love taking a walk through Hell... It's always so warm, even on the rainiest of days outside hehe, oh and there are these really pretty Flocks of Sylphs floating around Lilith's Den... They are almost like some of Hell's trapped souls!  
Don't miss the goodies of The Witching Hour, you have until May 19th! Then you have to hunt for the main stores to get these awesome gacha goodies!!! 

What is she wearing;
Mask: Tasty Pudding - Bat Mask in Blood (Available Now at The Witching Hour
Horns: BLD - Battle Horns in Dark Destroyer RARE (Available Now at The Witching Hour
Hair: [Stargazer Creations] - Andromeda Hair in Reds 
Skin: Nomine - Chameleon Skins in Red (No Loner Available!)
Eyes: Salem - Slither Eyes in Red (Available Now at The Witching Hour
Top: SongBird - Slacker Goth Shirts (Available Now at World Goth Fair
Pose: Signature Pose - Ben 2 
Flying Attachments: Lilith's Den - Flock Of Elemental Sylphs Attachment in Water (Available Now at The Witching Hour

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