Monday, October 13, 2014

The Witching Hour is upon us...

I have mentioned in the past about an event called The Witching Hour, but I haven't really focused on it too much until recently. Created by the same team that run Horror Haute, this event is a monthly Gacha affair, with a number of designers setting items into the seductive gacha machines...
I am both addicted to, and perturbed by, gacha machines, especially when I want something specific from the contents...
One of the Witching Hour designers, sent a photo through group of bloggers and asked us to contact her for reviews - fair enough as it means coverage will happen! - and when I opened the picture I was like "I NEED TO PLAY IN THAT OUTFIT!!!" Luckily she agreed to let me have one LOL, and so play I did!!!
The Sorceress Gown and Staff in this bright citrine colour are one of a set of colours that you can win from the Stargazer Creations gacha. The Dress is ultra rare and the Staff rare, but the colours of these items are all so gorgeous you will be making grabby hands just to get them!
Of course there are other awesome things to grab at the Witching Hour this month too... These AMAZINGLY EPIC horns from The Stringer Mausoleum are a good example of that, as well as the Self Stirring Cauldron from Brick-a-Brack.
I also wanted to include a close-up look at the outfit, purely because of the choker that you cannot see in the main photo... This is part of a gorgeous set called Magick from Cyrious, which you could also win yourself at the Witching Hour!
I then took the opportunity to introduce you to one of my new little friends!! MishMish is involved in a soon to start - on October 15th to be exact - event called Trunk and Treat, for this event they've created some adorable little Candlelish friends, that can either hover along with you, be carried and will even follow you! 

What is she wearing;
Horns: The Stringer Mausoleum - Possessed Horns in Rare 4 Bronze (Available Now at The Witching Hour)
Hair: Magika - Meadow
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item)
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup, AND,  (Forehead) REPULSE - Lobotomy Stitches Face Tattoo
Piercing: Cute Poison - Starlust Piercings
Necklace: Cyrious - Magick Jewelry Set (Available Now at The Witching Hour
Dress & Staff: Stargazer Creations - Sorceress Gown ULTRA RARE in Citrine, AND, Sorceress Staff RARE in Citrine (Available Now at The Witching Hour)
Cauldron: Brick-A-Brack - Self Stirring Cauldron (Available Now at The Witching Hour)
Candle: MishMish - Candlelish (Available from October 15th at the Trunk and Treat Event) 
Pose: No Longer Available

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