Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Death Becomes Her

GUESS WHO IS BACK?!! I'll give you one guess... It isn't very hard to guess LOL... That's right! ME!!! Didya miss me? No?
I am so glad to be back, and although I loved every second of my time away, being back here and getting to grips with my addiction again is AWESOMESAUCE!
I have so many pretty things to share with you... Some depraved and evil, some pretty and candylicious and a fair few dressed up looks this month I'm sure!
This picture for example is one of a few that may well spill out of the contents of the Horror Haute organised "Death Becomes Her" Event...
The Death Becomes Her Event is a special event from my favourite macabre team, and I will happily admit that it seems to be a rather exciting shopping experience. Anything you buy from the DBH - because it was getting too much for lazy me to keep re-typing the event's name everytime - line-up will earn you a special token. This can be used during a special hunt in the DBH maze... You hunt for a prize created by that store! It sounds complicated, but trust me, it will make sense when you read the details and then you will recieve all the LMs you need to get there too!!
For now though let's talk about the outfit shall we... I went for a kinda girlie but dead look, sounds a bit typical for me now! Though I will admit that the Horror Haute thing always drags out my living dead girlie side... The dress comes from abrasive, called Already Dead, and I had to team it with a dark coloured skirt. I made that pretty ballerina look complete using the shoes from the ImmateriA "Livide Ballet" outfit - the outfit is white, as are the ballet pumps but there are a few different colours of skin tone too and I got lucky and found my perfect colour fit! The for the BLOOD!!! Can't have Horror Haute without Blood! My Ama blood splatters were very needed, but to give that death feeling I hung myself with a balloon from Laudnum Lollipops, ironically called "Ironic Fate". One of my favourite things from the event is the SongBird Mask of the Dead, with it's skin covered hand held mask and it's bloody wound in the face where the mask has been ripped away... So perfect for a Death Becomes Her look!

What is she wearing;
Balloon: Laudnum Lollipops - Ironic Fate (Horror Haute Stamp Event)
Hair: Exile - Midnight in Paris in Frost
Wound & Mask: SongBird - Mask of the Dead (Horror Haute Stamp Event)
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item)
Teeth: ContraptioN - The Carnivorous Jaw
Dress: abrasive - Already Dead (Horror Haute Stamp Event)
Blood: Ama - All over Blood Splatter
Skirt: FANATIK - Mikro Mini Skirt in Gray
Shoes: ImmateriA - Livide Ballet (Horror Haute Stamp Event)
Pose: Purple Poses - Angel of the Apocalypse 05

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