Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's not real... It's Surreal! Monday's Meme!

So this week's Meme is focused on the Surreal. Berry has asked us to create a picture, that could at the end be more like a little work of art than a random snapshot of SL...
I've been pondering this idea though... SL is basically all about surrealism when you think about it. The most basic of every day tasks, from getting changed to chatting with friends, are done in a surreal way - I mean if you talk to people who don't play Second Life you may be met with a blank look on their face. Even people who play other online games will often view SL with a look of puzzlement... and I on the odd occasion that I do talk about SL with RL people find myself getting a little confused and saying things like "It's a glorified chat program!"
So when asked to do something surreal in SL, my first thought went to something that I might do every day in world but would seem really surreal to someone from outside of it like ride a motorcycle, or shop with an Australian who is on the other side of the world to me, or even dance in space - something I used to love doing at the Inspire Space Park...
Yet, for this challenge on a blog about SL, I needed to try and push the boat out a little... Doing the normal everyday for us SL'ers just won't cut it LOL... So then I let my mind wander, and believe me my mind is a crazy one to wander around in. It went through Gothic and macabre, to rainbows and sparkles and somehow I ended up with a mixture of both LOL... Isn't brilliant when a crazy non-existent plan comes together LOL...
The plan formed in my head, and the outcome isn't exactly as I had planned it, but I love it all the same. Once again the colours ran riot in my head, and rainbows and sparkles were the theme of the day LOL, but whilst I was working on this post I proved to myself how surreal it would be. People couldn't seem to grasp the reason why I was wearing kitty ears, with a mouse in my mouth and my head in a goldfish bowl! It just feels a little more surreal in a surreal world!

What is she wearing; 
Headdress: duboo - Sea Wanderer (Available at SL Designers United 5)
Hair: AY.LinE - Cat Hair 

Skin: Sugar - Emily in DB and Clear (No Longer Available)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Hellcat Eyes 

Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars 
Face Paint: JM:Mai Skin - Animal Face Tattoo 
Face Piercing: Cute Poison - Star Crossed (Available now at Stalkerazzi
Mouse: Psycho.Byts - Trapped Mouse in Cream 
Dress: The Sea Hole - Octo Dress (No Longer Available!)
Pose: Eternal Dreams - Rainbow

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