Sunday, September 29, 2013

Scarred or Not... That is the Question?

So today, I feel in the mood to discuss something that was in my mind and it involves something that is a part of my everyday look in SL and therefore bugged me fairly highly. I don't know if I am annoyed or confused, but I need to get it out somewhere and was hoping to get some opinions on it.
Though before I go off on one of my epic rants, I learnt a new skill and ooh I feel more than a little excited about it... Don't mind me if I get overly squeaky lol... I was looking through the tutorials on Berry's blog and decided to have a try at making a GIF - or animated photo - so that the photo will show both sides of what I am talking about. Thank you for the simple tutorial Berry - you have quite a sexy voice by the way LOL - if you want to try making gifs, it is very easy when you are shown how and I think I'll be making a lot more in future!
So the reason for this GIF comes in two parts... Firstly I wanted to show off the new skin from yumyums - formally Sugar - and when I was playing about with the photography I kept noticing that my piercings and wounds as well as my hair kept getting in the view! This is the first skin to come out of the newly made-over Sugar brand, and it seems to be true to Iokko's form of pretty, feminine skins with MASSES of extras thrown into the heap for good measure, including really simple to use HUDs for adjusting to all the body parts you can think of - making these extremely versatile skins. 
Though it is the second point that I am going to go off on a rant about... Recently I was told that it would be better if I was present somewhere in SL, I should be without my facial wounding, the piercings could remain but the facial wounds would need to come off for fear of causing upset to the sim owner. Now this sim owner in question, is constantly surrounded by men covered in far worse wounds than I wear, and all of the people that visit have tattoos and piercings to the nines, so why were my wounds so bad? The owners of this sim are firm believers in the feeling of "if they don't see it in RL, why would they want to see it in their SL?", thus meaning that a wide variety of SL's interiguingly different creative people are restrained and have to remain as a human. 
To me this really defeats the point of Secondlife - it is supposed to be a second life, a place where you can do things that you can't in RL - yet I guess each to their own, but I did wonder, does this person TP places or fly? I will admit that I don't like seeing myself without the facial scarring, to me I look far too naked and I guess that would be how some women feel when they don't wear make-up,  as a side note I could never condone the type of violence that would cause a woman, or anyone for that matter, to end up scarred like this - though even admitting all this I will still say that I feel weird when I pose without my wounds.
Still like a good girl I did what I was told and went without my wounds for the 5 minutes that I was around the sim LOL...

What is she wearing;
Hair: Ploom - Piper
Skin: yumyums - Alli Skin
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars
Face Piercing: Cute Poison - Star Crossed
Top: cheeky - Anna Half Shirt in Black
Pose: Starry Heaven - Misuzu Poses 5

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  1. Just be the one that you want to be in sl, i should say Rudh. Do what you make feel comfortable and then it is ok. ))))
    greetings Nic ( without scars ;))