Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Total Anarchy at Magicland...

It seems a while since I've had the pleasure of talking about Total Anarchy in here, and the reason being isn't because I forgot about it - like I initially began to think myself - but they have changed up the Anarchaic formula and now the event only happens once every month... I will also admit that although I love blogging Total Anarchy, I had a bit of trouble this time around. There was a limit to the Anarchy that came out of some of these items, and you really needed to use your imagination to create anarchy with them. It was all nice stuff, but nothing too riotous, if you know what I mean?
Anyway, as always with me I like to take clothes and make them suit the look I am going for, not just fit the style that they seem to be, and some of the items available at the latest outing of Total Anarchy had me feeling like they worked perfectly...
This look all started with the skirt from The Creatures, for this month's Total Anarchy. This Amelie Skirt, with its red and white polka dot design, screamed at me of the vintage style Minnie Mouse and well then the whole outfit rolled on from there. I teamed it with a slinky black corset from Ruca Tease - one of the four colours available for Total Anarchy - and some long curly hair, and then it was on to the accessorising... My favourite part of any outfit that I am pulling together. I went for war style, heavy metal jewellery, a large chain and bullect casings around my neck, one of my gorgeous teddybears from yumyums - available at the Stalkerazzi - the Ilo Bear on my arm, and a cute barbed-wire donned helmet from Freaky Designs where my mouse ears should be. I also wanted make-up that would reflect my anarchaic Minnie status... I found just what I was looking for in the items from PixyStix... I've worn two different eye make-ups together - I LOVE that we can add things now for different looks like this - the red eyeshadow is one and the black dots is another, but I think together like this they look great too... I wanted to show them off a little more clearly so I took a close-up of my eyes to share with you!
Of course I needed somewhere particularly Minnie Mousey to take my photo for the look, and what could be better than one of my favourite places - shown in my Rudh Tour Guide for a Monday Meme recently - Magicworld, SL's very own version of Disneyland!

What is she wearing;
Helmet: Freaky Design - Mouse Helmet
Hair: Ploom - Shiloh
Skin: Sugar - Emily in DB and Clear
Make-Up: (Red Shadow) PixyStix - Red With Envy (Available Now for Total Anarchy), AND, (Black Dots) PixyStix - No Fear (Available Now for Total Anarchy)
Face Wounds: Corvus - Cheek Scars
Piercings: (Forhead) Cute Poison - Stellar Piercing (Past SL Fashion Week Item)
Necklaces: (Chain) (flaunt) - Chained Rock (No Longer Available!), AND, (Bullet Casings) DECO - MESH Shells of War Necklace
Corset: Ruca Tease - Sexy and I know it Mesh Corset in Black (Available Now for Total Anarchy)
Skirt: The Creatures - Amelie Skirt (Available Now for Total Anarchy)
Ring: Sugar (Now yumyums) - White Mesh Glitter Gun Ring (Not sure if this is still available?)
Teddy: yumyums - War Ready Ilo Bear in Glamour (Available now at Stalkerazzi)
Pose: elephante poses - Love is war pose 2

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  1. Again love the detail on the eye make up, but a bit wasted generally speaking, I for one tend not to have my cam up under peoples noses lol....and yay Magicland...I must go back there sometime