Friday, December 14, 2012

Zombies at Christmas

Gosh this week I have been so busy, feeling rushed off my feet, and not having time to sit and relax much let alone think about getting any blogging done. It doesn't even have anything to do with Christmas, so I can't blame that... I've just been working ALL WEEK - full time work is hard!
Yet luckily today has been a little easier, and I have had some time to play with photos that are amassing in my hard-drive. 
I like many people in SL am beginning to set my little house up for Christmas - I know I am a little later than a lot of people, I haven't started in RL but I don't want to get bored of things so I leave it till the last minute LOL - yet I've begun digging through my hoard looking for some cute and random Christmas decor. As I was doing that I got myself all dressed up for Christmas, the theme Hell and I are going for this year is Zombies at Christmas LOL... 
So Zombie Rudh has collected a few little presents for the people she loves this year, tokens of her love... She sat with her darling reindeer friends and grabbed some pretty ribbon, packing the gifts up and knotting the bow...  Writing the labels - HellBone, Fledge, the terrible twosome, oh my gosh the list goes on. She realised a little too late that Sellotape and zombie thumbs don't work well together and some of the gifts for her friends have wrapping, bows and zombie skin - what an interesting present decor! 
Yet from the corner of her eye she spied a movement in the garden behind her... Who was there? She thought she was alone... 
ZOMBIE SANTA IS THAT YOU... In the distance looming out of the mist in the garden, a lone zombie in red with a sack on his back sitting astride a rotting reindeer...ZOMBIE SANTA!!!! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Deviant Kitties - Wynter Lights (No Longer Available)
Skin: Petrichor - Zombie Skin Leech 

Face Wounds: Little Pricks - Nailed Face Tattoo, AND, REPLUSE - Zombie Bite Face Tattoo 
Fairy Lights: Gritty Kitty - Holiday Bondage 
Dress: Sassy! - Precious Xmas Dress 
Leg Wound - Death Row Designs - Gore Fractured 
Shoes: lyric - Festive Fuck Me Pumps 
Pose Prop: EverGlow - Christmas Gift Box 
Deer: D-LAB - Reindeers
Tree: (No Longer Available, but there are plenty like it on Marketplace!)

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