Wednesday, December 5, 2012

3 Whole Years...

Time flies... SL seems to make it worse! It's been over 6 years that I have been with Rudh in SL, almost as long that I have been sisters with Fledge and as of yesterday, 3 years that Hell and I have been a couple.
Dating in SL seems to be like something that I did an eternity ago now, I spent all my time in clubs meeting new and interesting people, getting to know them and then after a while realising that they were just someone I wasn't compatible with. At the time, and I guess without knowing it, I used the way that guys acted around my SL family as a means of a test - we weren't the most conventional of families and there were some cracking conversations to be had which ultimately resulted in a lack of repeat dates for me LOL - yet there was one guy to crack through that and remain with me for the long haul... HellBone!
Us a year or so ago... Such an old looking photo compared to my recent photos.
We started out as friends, working together in a club that was more than a little rubbish - he was the DJ and I his hostess - and a strong friendship was formed. Hell was going through some very tough times and needed some support, which he wasn't getting from his then SL girlfriend or anyone else for that matter, so me being super awesome (LOL) I spent hours sitting around talking with him, letting him vent his frustrations. After a a couple of months he mentioned about going to see Marilyn Manson - we'd discussed music, he knew I'd be jealous - and asked me if I would be at all interested in his spare ticket... HECK YEAH I was - nervous about coming to Holland and meeting Hell, but I thought as friends what harm could it do - I can be so neive thinking back on it. I mean people are anonymous online - I'd heard him talking about his problems sure, but people can and do lie!
Still I came over, met him, explored Amsterdam and went to a gig,  leaving Holland not just with some awesome memories, but also with a Dutch Boyfriend. What a souvenier huh? I think a T-Shirt might have been easier to handle - not as much fun, but easier LOL!
Anyway, yesterday was our anniversary, and we got to celebrate it in a weird deja vu ish way... Marilyn Manson was over again on tour with Rob Zombie. IT WAS THE BEST GIG WE'VE BEEN TO IN A LONG TIME!
OH AND, Shiny Bubble - our eldest heap of trouble - sent me a message for us both, it made me cry and I wanted to share something she said. Along with telling us that she loved us and that we'd changed her life for the better just by being her "parents", she included a quote that I feel would be a good life philosophy!
"When you look ahead to the future or look back at how things used to be, don't forget to look beside you, because that's where you'll find the one that will always be there, loving you with all their heart."
Thank you Shinypants! Hellywelly, there is no way that I can thank you - we've been through some tough times in the last 3 years, but we've come through - the grass is greener on this side of the fence, let's stay here and face the world together!

(Just to let you know, I am not totally sure what I am wearing in this photo, let alone Hell's outfit details... I will dig out details if people want them, please don't hesitate to ask!)


  1. Congratz, you two ... glad you found each other ... and may be 3x3x3 wonderful years together still lie ahead of you ;-)

  2. YAY congrats you two!!! Onwards and upwards :)

  3. oh so romantic.. hope you both will be super happy )))