Sunday, December 9, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 50

Week 50 already, it really doesn't feel like long ago that we were all pining for a new round of colour to start and then when it did everyone seemed to be over the moon. Still now for those of us that are still hanging on in there, the end is in sight... Not long now, only two weeks left... I'm not gonna get overly excited about that yet, but prepare yourself for a sad but excited Rudh lol... 
Onto this week and time for something a little special... 
The colour this week has a massive amount of significance for me, not only in my SL, but in my RL too... Fledge is the Gold Dragon Queen, and for as long as I can remember in SL I have known her, being adopted after a very short time as her little sister - not to mention instantly gaining a royal title - I found myself part of a large and rather interesting family of furries, dragons and fantasy beings. 
It wasn't long before we developed a back story, something to tell people, a how we are related - after all a dragon and a human being sisters. 
Our mother was beautiful, she also had a bit of a secret... She had the ability to shape-shift into any form she wished to be, at first this was problematic, but later she began to use the shifting to her advantage. When she was in her teens, she began using her powers for evil - though some might say it was good hehe - to seduce men, changing herself to match the form of any male she found attractive. One of her conquests was a male dragon - I forget his description, I never met him, although Fledge may well be able to tell you - yet soon our mother laid the most beautiful egg. An egg like you have never seen - pale gold with intricate Gold filigree work decorating the luminescent shell. The daughter that broke free from this egg was to be a powerful, exotic and flamboyant dragoness, with her mother's powers of shape shifting and a penchant for shiny things. Although it wasn't long before her mother was itching for a new conquest, enter a beautiful male fae with raven hair and eyes the colour of the forest, he drew our mothers attention like a moth to a flame. Soon I was born and our mother moved on, leaving me with her uncanny ability to seduce men. I wasn't lucky like Fledge to have our mother's ability to shape-shift, although I am pretty adept at hiding my fae form behind a human facade... Though the sad story of two abandoned daughters - one dragon and one fae - does have a happy ending. The elder of the siblings became the Gold Dragon Queen, aided by her close friend and devoted little sister. Fledhyris defended her sister, toasting any drama llamas that caused her pain, Rudhmellowen - although lacking in toasting ability - stood by her big sister and collected the body parts of the fallen enemies. Funnily enough she has amassed quite a collection and yet the enemies keep coming - though little princess Rudh still needs a nose for her collection... Would anyone care to mess with the sisters in the spirit of Christmas?
Week 50 - Gold
Week 50: Dressing in gold scales for my big sister
What is she wearing;
Horns: Lemon Tea - Eldesia Horns in fire
Hair: House of Munster - Lola (No Longer Available!)
Piercing: A:S:S - Mimir's Desire in Frey
Make-Up: Squeek - Sins or Not in Greed
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn - Dragon Eyes
Necklaces: (Heart) [ATOMIC] - Painful Sleep Necklace, AND, (Eyes) Schadenfreude - My Mother's Eyes Long String of Pearls
Scales: Plastik - Scale Tat
Dress: Starchild Designs - DRAGON in Gold (Dollarbie on the Marketplace)
Tail: Made by Fledge - Used with very special permission!
Wings: (No Longer Available!)
Pose: FLY LILY - Elfie 6

I guess I should mention that besides my mother's ability to pick up men, I did get a rather lovely gift - her many eyes, the eyes of a shape-shifter - which I strung around my neck in a pretty glossy beady necklace!
Fledge thank you for being here all these years, 6 years down and many more to come! I hope I always have you around, I'll be here for you always!
Next Week -Madder Lake Deep (Red)


  1. Lovely pic Rudh! I love the back story - very well written and the imagery is beautiful!

  2. Love the pic and the backstory, so creative!

  3. The picture is amazing, the red of the wings works well with the gold background and the scaley dress which fits with the fantastic tale (in two senses of the word!), having known both of you for some years now, it was really nice to read the homage to your origins.

  4. hehe i don't want loose my node i hope i am not an enemie.. you look gorgeous .. so now we know the real Rudh ))))

  5. erm ... does that mean you can watch and have a look with that necklace? ... could you lay it on a table somewhere or hang it on a wall and see everything, even tho you're not in the same room ... that would be a lil creepy but a fun thing to do ;-)
    Wonderful pic !

  6. Eeeeeh gorgeous scaley fae Rudh! You look beautiful in that picture and it's a really interesting back story (fleshes out our imaginary family some more hehe I feel sure one day we're going to bump into either our mother or our respective fathers!) and I'm really touched by the homage ^.^ *Big dragon sisterly squishyhugs*
    (But do you REALLY want someone's NOSE? At least make it a furry nose. They are fun to go boop! on ;)

  7. Loved the story! Honest to goodness, you just keep getting better and better with your photography skills. GORGEOUS photo sweetheart.

  8. *covers her nose with both hands* Sorry Rudh, I like you and all, but you can't have MY nose! I'm still using it!

    Loved the story! And will we be seeing you more often in your fae form? You look amazing with wings :)