Friday, December 21, 2012


Well today is the 21st of December 2012... WE MADE IT!!! The Mayans were wrong and now I am resisting the urge to blow raspberries at them and say 'nernerninerner' - though knowing my luck that would land me in some bad luck or something so I'll restrain myself. 
I will admit that I thought I might have been a game over yesterday, Hell has been ill with suspected food poisoning. Yet what I want to know is HOW did I end up suffering the same symptoms all day yesterday even though I didn't eat the same stuff and he was on the mend?
Yet as we are in the End of the World Day, I feel it's safe to say... HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I know it's still 4 days yet - including today - but why not say it a little early, I doubt I'll be blogging on the day itself hehe!!! 
So by now you might have realised that Hell and I are a little different LOL, we didn't want a cutesy couple posing by a Christmas tree card and when he bought his new Zombie Santa Avatar from Little Britain Designs, it kinda sealed the deal as to what we would be wearing hehe... I made up my look out of things that I had in my inventory, but as I was browsing through my hoard I found this pose from PNP of the snow mound from The Nightmare Before Christmas... YAY ZOMBIES ON A SNOW MOUND!!!
I felt a little close up was necessary to show us in a bit more detail, but now it's time for some Christmas Music! Every year people listen to the same set of songs... I love the old ones that we would put on every year... But I think this new Christmas song sung by Geraldine McQueen (aka Peter Kay) has to be my new favourite! So enjoy the song and Merry Christmas everyone!!! 

What are they wearing;
Hair: Deviant Kitties - Wynter Lights (No Longer Available)
Skin: Petrichor - Zombie Skin Leech 

Face Wounds: Little Pricks - Nailed Face Tattoo, AND, REPLUSE - Zombie Bite Face Tattoo 
Fairy Lights: Gritty Kitty - Holiday Bondage 
Dress: Sassy! - Precious Xmas Dress 
Leg Wound - Death Row Designs - Gore Fractured 
Shoes: lyric - Festive F**k Me Pumps

HELLBONE: Little Britain Designs - The Walking Dead Santa And Rudolph

Pose: PNP - Snowy Burton Hill

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  1. Hey don't blame the Mayans, they never said anything about the world ending! That was just stupid modern doomsday nuts misinterpreting. Kind of like if someone thought New Year's Eve was the end of the world. The actual Mayans (well, their descendants) had a big party - they knew it was just the beginning of a new, and promising, Long Cycle. Sadly I don't know if anyone has the skill any more to reset the calendar. I have to say though, the amount of illness there has been this season, does make you wonder. I know I kept joking about the Zombie Apocalypse and zombie flu but there's a sobering fact that viruses can afford to be more virulent these days - people rush around so much in so little time, a lethal virus could survive just by rate of infection. A massive flu pandemic is one of the likelier 'end of world' (as we know it) scenarios.

    But hey enough of me being depressing - I love your zombie Christmas photo (though it kind of looks like evil Santa has snared you with Christmas lights and turned you into one of his own!) and you make a much prettier zombie in SL than I'm being currently IRL ;)