Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hell on Wheels

Sometimes I get sick of taking photos of myself, it always seems like a treat for me to take photos of someone else... Hell was asked if he wanted to feature one of his bikes in the Snakebite Magazine, a publication by SL motorbike club - the Cobras - that he is a part of. 
I guess I have to say thank you to them, for two reasons. First this is a great advertisement for Hell's store and any publicity is good publicity right? Secondly, they take him off my hands and keep him out the way so that I am free to get on with my own thing LOL... Selfish reason I know, but hey a girl needs her own time LOL. 
It did however give me the opportunity to use my "ken" dolly as a model, he gets bored after a while so I have free reign to manipulate things to get the kind of shots that I want - hence ken dolly lol - yes I had to use one of his bikes as a pose prop, but hey beggars can't be choosers LOL...
Hell's Rebel Bike is going to be the featured bike in Snakebite Magazine this month, and I guess it would make me a bad girlfriend if I didn't use this opportunity to promote his store... 
He owns a store called Hogs and Cart Wheels - offering everything from cars and bikes to famous vehicles and novelty rides - he puts a great deal of dedication into each vehicle he makes - leaving our shared build platform looking like a car junk heap for long periods of time while the vehicles are taking shape! He's told me that one of his dreams would be to have his own RL bike building store - something that seems to be backed up in his choice of TV, he loves that American Chopper programme - and although I will fully admit I have no real interest in cars or bikes in either life, seeing these brilliant vehicles taking shape is awesome! 
If you are interested or someone you know is interested in cars of bikes, please come check his store out, if there's something you cant find but you simply have to have, let me know and I'll see what we can do!!!

(FYI - I would try to offer some idea of what Hell is wearing but when I asked him he was like HUH? - LOL he doesn't understand the whole fashion aspect - but if you see something on him you like, feel free to ask and I will bang my head against a wall to get the information out of him, even if I have to go into his inventory to get it myself!)

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  1. lol he's wearing a bike, that's all he is interested in ;D But great scenic shot! Nice manly muted colours lol.

    But if anyone is reading the comments, I second that he makes awesome vehicles, they are the best looking ones in SL by far and he was the ONLY creator to consider my special commission <3