Saturday, December 29, 2012

It may never have happened...

Once upon a time, this photo would never have come into existence... This person and I had a fair amount of trouble communicating... In fact I was so maddened by her that I would simply let someone else handle the issues that needed discussing, and carry on doing my own thing. 
Soph - or Qopi, whatever it is people are meant to call you these days lol - and I never always saw eye to eye, and working for Seraphim we sometimes - make that all the time - sent each other some insanely mixed signals. 
I was overworking myself, not giving myself enough time to step back and breathe. I barely saw my SL family and spent far too long dedicating my time to something that sucked all the energy out of me. Since leaving I've become a better blogger for my personal journal space, as well as having time to enjoy my SL for the things I want to do... One of them was making things right with Soph!
She and I had discussed working on a photo together for a while, it just seemed to take us forever to get to this point in actually having done it! In fact, she pulled me over to shoot me LOL - she held me at gunpoint till I was dressed LOL... What surprised me though is that Soph is normally the queen of throwing random things on I would never think about putting together to make an outfit, and yet when I turned up she looked fairly demure, a little normal and I was slightly weirded out... Though I will say I WANT HER NECKLACE!!!
Here's to moving forward in 2013 Soph! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom: Fluster 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Glasses: A&A - Moody Mooners in Sad Purple 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Necklace: [EY:NO] - Filigran String Necklace 
Dress: Candy Mountain - Tea Dress in Unicorn 
(F.Y.I - At the moment I couldn't tell you where the things Soph is wearing come from... Least not 100% accurately, and she provided the poses, but if you want to know I will ask her for you!) 

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  1. ILYYYYYYYYYYSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333333333333!!!! we need to do one for the new year also!! WITH OUR 2013 EYEGLASSES THAT I NEED TO FIND ON MARKETPLACE :3!