Friday, December 7, 2012

Stars in their Eyes... Tonight I'm gonna be...

When I was younger, in the UK, every Saturday evening my parents, sister and I would sit down with a family meal in front of the television... Depending on what was on it could be any number of game shows or silly entertainment - I'm suddenly reminded of Noel's House Party and Mr Blobby as I write this *shudders* - but one of the shows that I really thought was good fun was Stars in their Eyes. 
The basis of the show was that it was a competition between members of the public, who would be transformed into a singer and then have to perform like that person. It was always funny in our house to guess who people would be, and I spent hours laughing at my dad who would always come up with the silliest suggestions and then try to sing like his suggestion! 
So anyway, a kinda side point from what I was going to say but it was brought to my mind, due to the fact that the latest model I had was dressed in an avatar of a special character from one of the legendary rock bands of the UK. 
My long time friend Nick and I got to hang out for the first time in forever yesterday - there are a number of things that stop us hanging out but it was awesome to be able to get the chance to see him in the flesh so to speak. It was so much fun to have him around, makes me realise just how much I miss having the chance to hang out with him - even though we did nothing. 
I showed him the garden, he showed me his new avatars from Little Britain Designs. I couldn't resist letting my inner bossy pants take over and get him to pose, it's not every day you get to photograph a rock legend. 
Eddie is - as some might call him - a mascot of the band Iron Maiden. For over 30 years he has graced every single or album cover of the band and has become a well known icon in his own right within the rock music scene! I wanted to create a photo that showed off the brilliant avatar, which definitely brings Eddie to life in SL. Little Britain do seem to have some brilliant avatars - there are a couple which I wouldn't recommend though this is personal preference, I am not keen on the avatars that are celebrity based, but the fantasy character avatars are brilliant. Hell has a few, but on seeing Nick as Eddie for the first time I was actually pretty blown away by just how good he looked! Well... good might be the wrong word, he looks a bit worse for wear LOL! 
Was good to see you Nick, thank you for being so patient as I spent time faffing about poses and locations LOL... *hugs* It's always good to see you! 
Now though, I think I might have to head on over to Little Britain for some of their awesome New Rock Style boots LOL!!!! 

What is he wearing; 
Avatar: Little Britain Designs - Eddie Trooper
Pose: Embody - Slasher 2

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