Sunday, December 30, 2012

52WOCC2... My Favourites!

Last year on the closing of the 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge, Luna asked us to compile a collage of our personal favourites from the run of colours we had that year... Well it hasn't been announced this year as something that would be a great way to finish off the challenge, but I thought it's Sunday, why not give it a go... I'm missing the colour challenge already can you tell??
It was pretty tough to pick my favourites, and I decided to limit the number that I chose to 9...There are reasons for each of these, and it could get long winded as a blog post but let me just give a brief idea as to why I chose each one LOL...
The Mermaid (top left - week 30) was something of a breakthrough for me in regards to the way I take my photos in SL, it was a happy mistake but I remember spending a good deal of time leaving Rudh hanging on a pose ball upside down threatening HellBone that if he touched my PC and my cam moved I would be making him sleep outside with the chickens LOL! The "Dandy Lion" (week 9) was me being silly and playing around with the colour name, plus it allowed me to show off an obsession of mine... INTRIGUE CO lol... My date with HellBone (week 21) was Hell's first and only appearence in the challenge, and for those readers who are interested, we managed to get glue that would stick his head back on LOL! A clown (week 28) that I could actually enjoy, though this was my second "clown" in the challenge this was the prettier of the two - that and it didn't actually freak me out. The Fairy (week 39) in me played a lot this time in the challenge, normally I keep my fairy self tied up in a hidden part of my brain, but she is so much fun to pay with she might have to come out more often. NAKED RUDH (week 41) definitely got me a lot of comments, not all of them on the blog, and for some reason the boys all said I was wearing too much LOL! Fledge hung me for the icky Barley Corn colour (week 47), mind you it seems as though I might have already been dead, and then a couple of weeks later I made a tribute to my murderous big sister when Gold came up (week 50). 
I think my favourite look of them all has to have been the one I created for Week 49's Cotton Candy Colour... SHOCK HORROR RIGHT? I love a pink outfit as my favourite, but this outfit just makes me smile every time I see it - a cotton candy superhero?!
I've linked to all the individual posts if you wanted to know what I am wearing in any of these looks, but I just wanted to say again to everyone involved in the colour challenge - be you Luna or one of the kick-butt Colour Bloggerettes - THANK YOU, it's been a brilliant ride and I've loved every minute of being on it with you all!

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