Friday, May 18, 2012

Two sides of Rudh!

For the last few days I've been wandering around in what I refer to as a "Don't Talk To Me" Outfit... Partly because I was covering Goth Fair, and partly because I've been feeling pretty crappy in RL, and in SL, but I was really loving wearing something a bit different from my norm! I have always loved the dark style, but this skirt was a little longer and a whole lot poofier than I might normally have pulled on, not to mention the fact that blue was involved, but anyway I wasn't in the best mood and although I don't really associate the goth look with being in a mood I find sometimes an outfit like this keeps people away - which to be honest was kinda what I wanted!
Though, once I had posted Goth Fair (which you can find here btw!) I wanted a change of style... Little did I realise I would go from Goth to Girlie in one swift movement without even thinking about it LOL... 
I love that in SL you can wear what you want, and be what you want... Normally I would say my style is kinda grunge, rock skank but sometimes, when the wind changes in a funny way lol, I end up wearing something that would make even the girliest of girls proud!!! 
A while back now, I remember seeing Luna post a challenge up on her blog about the out of the norm or something like that, yet for me there doesn't seem to be much of a norm besides the fact that I am a human female all the time LOL... Maybe I should go Male Furry to be outside my norm?
I've now found a new look that is a happy medium of these, but I guess after a few days of such a dark look, my girlie side was like "MY TURN" lol, the white look only lasted a short while before I was back in the black, but YAY for being able to wear complete opposite outfits!!! Shows just how insane my wardrobe is, and why it can take me 3 hours or more to change LOL!

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