Thursday, May 3, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 26 and a bit?!

OK so it isn't really day 26, but RL has kept me offline for the last few days and so for today I'll be telling you about what I am greatful for over the last few days as well as today hehe...

1) MY NEW PC!!! In RL I have had a visit from my parents for the last few days. It was so much fun and things we did will feature heavily in today's post but the thing I have to put as number 1 is MY NEW PC!! I'm still playing around with everything and getting it set to my liking but YAY I HAVE A WORKING PC!!
2) Selling Old Junk... With Queen's Day in Holland just gone and the flea market that takes over our home town calming down, I have been able to sit back and take stock of all the stuff that we got rid of and our house has a lot more space in it now suddenly LOL... Time to start filling it with more junk and then shopping for the new hard drive Helly wants from our takings! 125 Euros worth of Old Junk gone YAY!
3) Buying Stuff at the Flea Market... As well as selling stuff, I went out with my parents and bought a few little things that made me smile. There was a little silver frog pepper pot (which is just beyond adorable), a necklace made out of old nails and a print that I fell in love with... 
I've been calling him Jared, as he looks a bit like Sammy from Supernatural (and YES I love Supernatural), but Hell was a little bit bothered by the fact there was a male bottom on display, he keeps threatening that he will paint a pair of pants on him!!!
4) Tulips... We went to a pick your own tulip farm the other day with my parents. I love driving though the tulip fields, it looks like someone has painted the landscape with a set of children's paints. Mum and Dad treated me to a giant bunch we spent ages picking... 
My Mum Picking Tulips!


  1. How I would love if we had tulip picking in California. Sounds like youve had fun, yayy! Good for, your a mommy and daddys girl, just like my 28 yr old daughter. Bet your the apple of their eye to! xo

  2. Love Tulips but like every year I miss the season...