Tuesday, May 8, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 19

I hate computers, no sooner than I get a brand spanking new PC our internet goes down and I can't get on it for an entire freaking weekend! It's just not fair... SO I warn you this post might be a bit ranty! 
On Friday I was merrily working away on my photo for the challenge, putting together something that seemed to work on the poop colour background. It turned out a little red for a true match to the colour put up by Luna, but I just wasn't having any luck looking for the poopie shade. After last year and the marathon brown list I didn't really get into this week's colour too much, but THEN IT HAPPENED! 
The net dropped. I spent a good few hours trying to get it working again, trying many of th tricks of the trade, everything I could think of. Hell was asleep at the time due to his RL work schedule meaning he had come in from a night-shift, but I was huffing and puffing so much it woke him up. He was not amused, first at me then at the internet. We also had to check into our TV and Phone, neither worked, no surprise there as both come from the internet. 
Hell got on the phone, his mobile I might add, to a phone line that cost 10 cents PER MINUTE, double that even from a mobile, and talked to someone in fast Dutch that I had no comprehension of. As I waited, he seemed to get more and more pissed off, I almost demanded that the person on the end of the phone talked to me in English, but that would have gotten us no where I feel... They promised that they would send someone out, but we were told that the engineers don't work Friday evenings or Weekends... This meant that we would be without the net until MONDAY!! No Phone, No TV, No Internet - NOTHING! 
Pissed as we were, we had to accept it, what else could we do... Hell spent the weekend playing video games when he was not at work, and I buried myself in a good book, but then Monday came and went with no word from an engineer... Apparently, the company had "forgotten" us. I personally think it was just some malicious little shite that worked for the company getting their own back by not putting it into the database, as Hell had been more than a little pissed off! 
Still, this morning someone came to fix it, he had a look in the local connection box about two streets over and you will NEVER guess what he found. Someone seems to have been working on something in the box, its filled with phone-lines, power cables and the like, and they accidentally knocked our cable out!!! WHAT THE HELL IT TOOK HIM 2 MINUTES AND WE ARE BACK ONLINE!!!! WE WAITED ALL WEEKEND FOR SOMETHING THAT TOOK A GUY 2 MINUTES TO FIX!!!! 
Needless to say, the company - KPN for anyone interested, will be getting a VERY strongly worded letter... and my picture isn't as good as I wanted it to be but after that I am just not really in the mood to faff around and make something better, especially when the colour reminds me of the shitty treatment we got from this company already this weekend! 
Week 19 - Pueblo
What is she wearing; 
Hair: gilded - Vertebrae Hair with Horns
Skin: [rQ] - Wrath
Eyes: {lyric} - Elemental Eyes
Lipstick: KOSH - Drama Lips
Veins: Dead Apples - Veins Tattoo in dark
Necklace: gilded - Leopard & Pearls
Outfit: ImpWerks - CenterWrap Catsuit
Armband: InSpired Designs - Heart on My Sleeve
Belt: gilded - Vertebrae Belt
Boots: BAX - Prestige Boots
Mirror: Frooti - Hand Mirror Pose Prop

I really hope I start having more luck, I never heard back from the job I had the interview for, and now more computer troubles... what's next? 
Next week -  Deep Pink


  1. Wow! I don't think that even I could ream someone as thoroughly as you reamed your carrier :P And your photo says it all, lol. Glad to have you back with us ♥

  2. You look like you're dresses to pay KPN a visit and tell them just how you feel. Don't forget to bring your meat cleaver ;)

  3. Ohh honey, just show them this pic, and tell them they are full of poop! HAHA!
    All kidding aside, I am sorry that happened to you guys. xo
    Loves ya

  4. LOL ok the outfit might be red but it works, you're having the mother of bad hair days and I think you just took out Amsterdam with your nuclear rage at the phone company *g* You can look back on it and call it... WEEK OF PUEBLO!

  5. LOL, I love a good ranty post.Even so you still created a unique look and pic, great job :)

  6. So sorry you had so many net/computer troubles. At least you came up with an interesting pic!