Friday, May 11, 2012

31 Days of Gratitude - Day 27

*headdesks repeatedly*
OK time for another more than a little late post for the 31 days of Gratitude, and OK I know it has been a lot longer than 31 days, but tough. I need, for my own personal sanity to try to get through 31 days and today I have a few things to be greatful for!
1) Fledge (or possibly Bean) finding an addictive mini-game online... Cut the Rope, Feed Om Nom (the little monster) candy! It had me busy for AGES!!! Go here to try it - Cut the Rope! 
2) Pretty New Rudh Photo... Niki Elan, one of the Seraphim Girlies, who has been using and abusing me as her Jerry Springer - not that I mind! I'd seen some of the work that she had done, and she had been saying that she wanted to get a picture of me, so I waited till we were both free and said "Niki shoot me!" This was the result, pretty great I think! 
Rudh by Niki Elan, 9-5-2012
3) My New REALLY ADORABLE Pet... Lynnie has a knack of dropping little surprise presents on me... and I LOVE IT, makes me feel spoilt rotten, and it shows just how well she knows me as the things she picks to surprise me with are always so cute! He's like a pokemon or something, but he's a follower pet, and he skips along behind me, OH AND HE'S MESH!!! 
He hasn't got a name yet, so if anyone thinks of one that will really suit him, please let me know!!!
4) Getting A Decent Colour Challenge Picture Ready... It has been a couple of weeks since I have been able to put together a colour look and will hopefully - touch wood - be able to get it up on time! The colour was better than the poop colour and brighter than the pastel colours, so what it was pink least it wasn't pale! You'll have to wait till Sunday to see that though!

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