Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Tale of Two Food Fairies

Once upon a time, in a magical, virtual and sometimes treacherous land, there lived two peasant women, with very different stories to tell. These women were following paths that were so separate and yet so entwined that they would greet each other as they wandered down their own sparkly rainbow pathways and never guessed at the forces would bring them together with a bang at a place filled with sin. The festival of sin was a fair that was taking place in the county sim of Diablo, it promised debauchery, indulgence and glamour, the kind of event that would have our heroines partaking in sin, even if it was just due to the clothes they would wear and the items they would receive.
Miss B as she shall be known, a fair maiden with golden locks that shined like the sunshine, was the one to discover that finally she was in the same place as Miss L. It was the first time that she had seen Miss L, the slightly crazy wench with the long raven hair, in the flesh and the scream of "RUDHHHHHHHHH" that escaped her lips scared many blogging birds sending them scattered across the event, as the sunshine and the raven haired beauties shared a squeaky fan-girl moment. 
It was in this moment that a random explosion of magic occurred catapulting our heroines high into the sky through an astronomically epic bank of candy floss clouds, before leaving them plummeting to their doom. Yet instead of the splat that was expected, each of the ladies found themselves hovering just inches off the floor, how was this possible? 
The candy floss clouds had caused a a transformation of monumental proportions, for when each of the ladies looked into the mirror her reflection had been altered. In the place of the maiden that may have stood before them in the past, were miniature versions of what they used to be, one dressed in a skirt made from a hamburger, the other a veggieburger, their new size made bigger only due to the addition of a pair of gossamer wings and an overwhelming hunger for burgers. The cause of this explosion of magic, the giant burger sitting in the corner of the room, radiating heat and calming after its reaction to the screams of the overly excited ladies... 
Where would their new transformation lead these ladies? Under their new guises of Burger and VeggieBurger, what adventures would await? Would Burger ever be able to find food that would appeal to VeggieBurger? Would they ever get back to normal? So many questions that needed answering, so far to fly when their new wings were already tired and their emergency glitter was running low. 
After a while,the fairies found just enough energy to flutter off on their next adventure, leaving behind them a glitter trail, a faint trace of fast food scent lingering in the air, and a note that said "No more teeth under your pillow please, the new fairies have come to town!" 
Sorry this is small, you can click it for a better look... I mean if ya wanna lol...


  1. Ba ha ha ha, our sparkly rainbows did meet in a place of sin! And, erm, maybe a few of the bloggerati did scatter when I yelled to you -- that's why those green dots on my radar started spreading so quickly!

    You're a freaking genius my burger fairy, and I wish I'd grabbed that prop but I didn't as I wasn't mesh at the time. Damn!

    Thank you for being so clever and amazing and generous with your time and energy *big hugs*.

    PS I could go a vege burger right now, with cheese, salad and some mayo.

    Miss B ;-)

  2. lol I like the burger dress that is totally you somehow, but also looks really cute and no way you would have that figure if you ate too many, best just to wear them! Hmm. Burger fairies. I can see Dean blaming his farts on them...

  3. Rudh, you crack me up! I had no idea you were such a storyteller. More! More! Give us more! : D