Sunday, May 13, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 20

OK so last week wasn't one of my best... I was in a ranty mood and wanted to blow up KPN - our internet service provider. I have since calmed dramatically, and have helped HellBone with one of those very strongly worded letters that will need some translation into Dutch! 
This week though I wanted to find time to make a picture I would be happy with, last week's picture was definitely not one of my best - I still think that nothing can beat the house of last year - but although I will admit that I was elated to find out the colour was not a pastel shade, a cold shade or another poop colour, I was still dismayed by the fact that the first hot colour to come out of a long line of coldness was PINK! This took a lot of searching through the wardrobe, I knew I had something somewhere, but where and what would it lead to as a final result. 
I know that I love being dressed up, wearing an outfit that looks pretty just won't cut it for me, and finding a costume that is something away from the norm of what I might wear definitely makes the colour challenge much more interesting for me personally. I love seeing everyone in their gorgeous, fashionable outfits, everyone putting their own twist on fashion and showcasing it in their own style, but to me the colour challenge is about dressing in something that makes me smile and that involves digging through my dressing up box... 
Once I had found the perfect dress, I was wondering what to do with it, but then as I sat eating my dinner in front of our newly working TV I saw something about Dita Von Teese. I LOVE HER, to me she is the epitome of glamour, of elegance and of sexiness... I love her style, I love her somewhat gothic style, but with her retro glamour edge... That was it, the pink dress I found and watching Dita on TV, and then allowing myself to get into character. I took a leaf outta Sonya's book and became a character... Let me introduce to you, Miss Dolly Curves! 
Week 20 - Deep Pink
Week 20: My new career in dancing as Miss Dolly Curves.
What is she wearing;  
Hair: Ploom - Daydream (currently at Collabor88)
Eye Diamonds: BOOM - Eye Glam
Make-up: PIDIDDLE - All Dolled Up
Necklace: Mustang Trading Post - Rhinestone Cowgirl Diamond Necklace
Ring: [Virtual/Insanity] - PEARL Ring
Dress: Forever Young - Ultra Mini Sequin Dress
Shoes: SEXY BISH - Pin Up Stiletto Pumps Kawaii Edition

Not quite as glamourous as Miss Von Teese, but I am getting there hehe, maybe I could get work in a low rate Burlesque Club for now hehe... Gotta start somewhere hehe... 
Next Week - Lemon Chiffon


  1. Why helloooo Miss Curves ;3 You look fab, very glam and sexy, you would get lots of tips dancing at a club like that! The champagne glass is a really nice extra touch. Well done for a kickass pink!

  2. *waves and then pushes you into the glass* Love it, Rudh!

  3. Aaand I thought your previous post was your colorchallenge post *facepalm*. Nevermind that "wiet-shop" comment I made in chat... I think I might need that padded room and the toilet-without-privacy after all ;)

    Miss Dolly Curves eh? Ohlala!

  4. oh Rudh.. it is so true.. your posts always make me smile.. so go on girl this way.. and are you a Dutchie too^^? i read you helped translate in DUTCH

  5. For sure you made me smile with your dress - that is a totally cute piccie, Miss Dolly Curves :)

  6. Gorgeous and i love that hair too <3

  7. Oh Oh very retro and cute, great pic and styling Rudh :)

  8. I love your creative twists on the colors each week. It gives me something fun to look forward to. Very sexy pink. I think you may have a future there Miss Curves.

  9. You and pin up go together like peanut butter and jelly, too cute!

  10. Dita von Teese huh? You just wanted an excuse to show your sexy legs and drown yourself in champagne... Miss Curves is Too cute!

  11. You kicked butt on this weeks challenge! Super sexy and I LOVE those heels!!!! xo