Monday, May 21, 2012

Eliza made me a Winner!!!

Eliza Quixote, one of the awesome colour bloggerettes, contacted me yesterday morning out of the blue. She runs a contest of sorts with her colour challenge post each week, picking her favourite comments  and giving gifts to their authors. I never ever for the life of me thought that I would win with a comment she loved, I just commented to say how much I loved the look that she had put together, but today I was given the prize from last week's comment choice... I am blown away, it's so generous and really sweet of her, especially when all I did was tell her that I liked the outfit she was wearing! 
It was a skin from Hush. In fact not just one skin, this was a pack of 6 different skin tones in the smoky eyes style, with a million different ways of wearing them it seemed, I had so much choice and didn't know where to begin... but they are SO pretty!

 A little before and after shot for comparison on Rudh, what do you think? Honest opinions please?? I think that this might be something that is seen on me more often, but then you know me I am so attached to my current skin... Mind you, this one is very very very pretty! I know technically it is better to look at skins without the piercings and the hair over the face like that, but this is how I might wear it so I wanted to look at a comparison in true Rudh style LOL...


  1. Very nice! It's a bit rosier in tone then your old skin and it fits your face very nicely.
    It's pretty neutral, so it'll be a great canvas for make-up and tattoo layers!

    Yepp, it gets The Glamour Puss Seal of Approval ;)

  2. I'd say, it's virtually identical to your old skin, but with a bit more colour - it's pretty, I like it a lot.