Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lynnie Waved Her Magic Wand...

Lynnie is my FairyBobMother at times, she's my bestie all the time but sometimes she slips into her other role, and not only does that result in me being spoilt - which I will admit I LOVE lol, not gonna lie about that, who doesn't love getting presents! - but when she waves her magic wand and shoots me then I get amazing photos too!! 
I don't go anywhere else for my profile pictures anymore, I could never achieve photos like this, though I will be asking Lynnie for some lessons soon I feel, but she just seems to have a way of making a photo that makes me look GREAT hehe... OH AND, she made me succumb to eyelashes LOL, she bought me a set from LeLutka and even though they did take some modding, they do look pretty cool. Guess I will be adding those to my permanent wear folder hehe!!! 
THANK YOU LYNNIELOO, you make me look awesome!!!

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