Sunday, May 20, 2012

52WOCC - Week 21

For some reason, I don't think I have been overly YAY about many of the colours that Luna has pulled out of her magic colour bag recently. I don't quite know why, but I think the pastels just seem to drain my enthusiasm... I love bold bright colours, but pastels just make me feel a bit kinda half awake, like there is no zing to them! I wouldn't have ever felt like this before, at least I imagine not, but maybe it is just me having a case of the blues in RL? 
Anyway, I don't know if the look is due to that, or due to the fact that I had to deal with drama on Sunday, or just that I found a dress in my inventory that was about the right colour and was interesting enough to play dress up in... Yet I will say that poor old Hell didn't even see me coming, we were out dancing at the Ballroom in the Palace of Versailles (it is the background to the picture this week, hence why we were there lol!) and I ended up only taking his head home with me hehe...
Week 21 - Chiffon Yellow
Week 21: Note to Hellywelly... Always do what you are told my darling! Might be a bit late to tell you that now though hehe
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Elikatira - Abbey
Skin: Quarantine - Apocalypto Skin
Eye Wound: Little Pricks - Nailed Face Tattoo
Lip Wound: Fallen Doll - Sutured Lips
Necklace: KOSH - Tooth Fairy Necklace
Dress: Soap Co. - Till Death Gown
Feet: Slink - Jolie Pied 

(Hell's Details: Hair: Amacci - Steve, Skin: Najl Designs - ZENDO, Eyes: REPULSE: Livor Mortis Eyes... For anyone that might be wondering hehe!)

This is the first time that Rudh has been posed in a MESH DRESS... I will say that because I cannot mod my shape I am really loathe to buy mesh at the moment, as soon as it starts being totally mod then I will be all over it like a rash. I loved the dress but my overly large nungas were a problem to squeeze into it. The dress fitted but there was just a teeny amount of boob skin popping out each side... THANK YOU PHOTOSHOP for your paintbrush option lol!!!
Next Week -Cobalt


  1. hahahahaha This is our Rudh!

  2. o.o ... bad bad Rudh ... and poor Hell ...
    looks like you sent him to hell ...
    only temporarily tho, I hope ;-)
    The dress looks quite interesting ... and you can always cover flashing boobs with some blood from innocent bystanders ... *grins*

  3. Hmmm... you REALLY have been in a bitchy mood, haven't you?
    But this pic is so you! Very cool... sorry, Hell.... better luck next time.. :P Very cool!

  4. HAHAA! Love your post honey. You brought the color in great with the none other than Rudh charm and humor I know and love! Give Hell a hi five for bein a good sport.
    Love ya xo

  5. Haha...fabulous,off with his head :)

  6. ieeeeek...terrible!!!.. but also typically Rudh.. next time be nicer to Hell

  7. Remind me never to tick you off!

  8. *slowly backs away to a distance that seems safe...*

    Poor Hell, he looks so surprised :)

  9. Oh, and the shape saga continues!!! Glad you were able to off your mad. :-)

  10. OMG love it Rudh!!! Watch out Hell!!! I agree with Jade...remind me not to get you so mad you want to rip off my head!!!

  11. First thing I saw was that picture, and I was like, Cool! Another rant from Rudh! Great picture, and I hope the blood stains come out of the dress :P

  12. "Overly large nungas" lmao not heard them called that before!
    I love this pic (as I told you from the gyazo lol) and particularly the expression, great background you've found for it too :)

    Hell, stop dripping blood all over the ballroom floor, somebody could slip! >:)