Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My SL seems to have been taken over by people with a love of vehicles, not only am I usually seen sleeping or inventory diving on the platform where Hell and Baco build their vehicles, yesterday it was the turn of Connie to get excited over a new vehicle in SL... This one sent a shockwave of horror through me on first hearing it, I thought "oh no - I am gonna be stuck listening to a trainspotter" as I was told how amazing these new trains were, how efficiently they ran and how pretty they were. 
Then the inevitable happened, Connie asked me to go take a ride on a train with her... I could have made my excuses, by this point I was thinking "UGH BORING" but as it was her Rezday I couldn't really think of a way to say no... 
So I went, I sat and we started to move; 
Train Driver Connie...
I was actually pleasantly surprised, if truth be told, just how much I enjoyed it...The train looked pretty, the sim crossings occured with minimal problems just some slightly slowing in speed, the only problem that seemed to affect me was that as we were whizzing past things there was a lot of GREY! Despite that I would definately say to people that they are worth spending some time playing on, I love trying new things in SL and driving around on a steam train like this is definately a new one for me! The headquaters for the trains can be found at H8 Motors Company Train Store - Go there and try it... It was FUN!

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