Thursday, February 10, 2011

House of Champions: Championship Fight!!!

Some of you might remember the post I did back in November regarding my experience as a spectator in the world of SL Boxing... A sport which is taken just as seriously in SL as it is in RL with the stakes being pretty high... Little did I think that I would be having much more to do with that world, once was enough as far as I was concerned I mean if anyone had messed with my hair they might have lost an eye LOL... 
Yet today I knew I had to say something about the sport, my reason, well Conrad Negulesco aka Connie, the star of my previous boxing post and someone very close to me, is to be challenging the reigning champion for a chance at the title... 
I am so excited for Connie, she has been training hard, taking the knocks and I dearly hope that she has a chance of winning the title, she seems to think otherwise however... She is ready to kick butt tonight, she's had new gear made up bearing her logo, the Killer Tomato; 
which I will admit did take some explaining as I didn't see the significance... 
Rudhmellowen: why is your logo the killer tomato though?
Conrad: cause that is my nickname
Conrad: I'm the Killer Tomato
Rudhmellowen: lol why
Conrad: a tomato is a slang term for a girl and a killer is obvious - I thought it was funny

However, enough of me rambling on, I wanna say a big GOOD LUCK TO CONNIE and send her millions of hugs... Duck and Dive girl, Duck and Dive... I'll post later to let ya know how it goes?!

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