Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

HellBone was made to do this picture can you tell lol, I dragged him away from building and made him wear a soppy shirt lol!! (I said we would never dress Matchy LOL uh oh)
I know that Valentines has become overly commercialised in recent years, but I got swept up in the reds and pinks swirling through SL like a tumbleweed through a Western Movie... 
I just wanted to send a HUGE HUG to everyone, whether you celebrate the day or not, Love is the most powerful drug on the planet and a hug even from a stranger can make you sparkle and feel great... I plan to spend the day talking to the people I love, giving out lots of hugs and maybe if I am lucky spending some time with my man, though as it is JUST Valentines Day who knows if I will be able to tear him away from his bike building LOL!!!!


  1. Rudh
    When we first met I knew
    When we first spoke I knew
    I knew that I would be with you
    You are my everything

    Now quite some time has passed
    And still the feeling lasts
    My love for you will never change
    You are my everything

    And when its time to grow old and gray
    I want to wake up everyday
    With the love of my life by my side
    You are my everything.

    Love U with hole my heart ans soul !!!

    I'm sorry U are alone tonight I have a damm night shift but I will be home soon....

  2. Awww matchy is fun sometimes! Happy belated VDay!