Saturday, February 26, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 17!

Into the 5th month of Colour Challenge today, looking back over the last four weeks I can definately see a change not only in my photography skills, but also my blogging style has I think developed slightly, its like being a noobie in SL I am still trying to find my feet within the blogging world and this challenge is definately helping me in that! 
I want to take this week's post as a chance to say THANK YOU to everyone that comments, I definately get a kick out of seeing that you like my outfits, I am happy that people like the things I throw on to dress my barbie... I also want to say HELLOOOOOOO to all my new followers (and an I'm Sorry to them for all the crap that I do write about LOL)... Though anyway, onto business... 
Week 17...

Week 17: BIG Shoulder Pads; Check, Messed Up Make-Up; Check, Champagne; Check - Rudh must be in an episode of that 1980's hit series DALLAS!
What is she wearing;
Hair: Fri. - Jasmine.2
Skin: lessthan3 - Glam skins 2 (previous hunt prize)
Necklace: *Ticky Tacky* - A Bitch Can Never Change
Dress: Buttercups - Lime Zipper Down Dress(worn with facelight to brighten up the colour)
Manicure: Skin Within - Magic Manicure
Bracelet: LooLoo&Co - Zombie Popcorn (previous hunt prize)
Stockings: Sn@tch - Part of Grace Under Pressure Outfit

When I saw this outfit on Marketplace, I had to have it, I love the dress anyway but when I teamed it with messy make-up I was told it looked just like I had been in a fight with Joan Collins herself... I felt pleased, cute dress and dressing up all in the same day... YAY! 

Next Week - ECRU... A return to the natural tones, a paleish brownish, how can I describe it?


  1. What a great dress! I love your look. I had fun with the electric lime, but I am afraid of Ecru. We'll see how it works out! :D

  2. It is something how with each blog we do get better. And it freakin grows on you to!! Its like..OMG I gotta blog!! Ive been blogging for not even a year, and little by little I see improvements in my own blogs. Keep up the great work, Love the electric lime..but REALLY love that glass of champagne, one of my favs in RL.
    XOXOXO hugggggs

  3. My photography skills have definitely increased with the challenge, and I'm slowly learning how to talk more about the things I feature on my blog. Is long winded a good thing?? LOL I almost bought that dress!! You look great in it!

  4. Wow awesome dress! I am kinda loving this color more and more seeing all the funky posts! :)

  5. This week Marketplace was very helpful! I love your look

  6. Dallas? Where's JR when you need 'im? LOL

    Awesome look and yes I think we're all growing with our blogging and photography skills over time.

  7. Lol @ Dallas! Good old JR & Bobby! I love the look btw. That dress looks awesome on you!

  8. oh I like that dress, really inventive making a dramatic soap opera look :)

  9. I'll bring my glass of champagne too..:) awesome dramatic look...

  10. love the dress and I second that comment about the champange. Cheers!

  11. Hehe great look! Let me be your JR! ;)

  12. Love that pic ... makes me feel right back in those days when I watched Dallas ... wait does that show how old I am ... darn ... gimme a bourbon on that ...