Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I think I created a Mini-Rudh!

As I was looking through my SL pics last night, to find a place that I wanted to blog for my this weeks Favourite Places post, I noticed a picture that struck me as something familiar about one of the people in it... Besides the fact that it is my RL Sister in her SL form, Titiania looked very similar to something from my SL past, then a very funny realisation took place in the cogs of my mind... 
SHE LOOKS LIKE RUDH USED TO WHEN RUDH WAS YOUNGER lol... Oh Dear I really hope that she doesn't evolve to become more like Rudh, I dont think SL could cope with two of me?! 
Comparison Photos, are you ready;
I really can't believe that I am showing this lol I had been in SL about 8 months in this pic, I was still learning but hey its not a bad photo?!
TITIANIA (with Rudh as of a couple of weeks ago) 
Ok I did show her stores that she might like, and she was lucky to have gotten into Canimal before it closed, but seriously I think all those times she ever watched me dressing up my barbie in her early days have had some traumatic effect on her... She does look rather cute though... Awwww lookatthatcutelilnoobie!!!!

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