Friday, June 7, 2019

Let Sleeping Cats Sleep

Well, it's been a crazy busy week this week... There's been so much drama in the cheese shop and my RL friendships have taken a massive beating but right now I'm just tired. SO very tired. It's been physically, but even more mentally exhausting and I just want to sleep all weekend now.
As you can tell I'm even too sleepy to get Rudh to do anything right now, I'm just gonna let her sleep, while I "sleep" through my RL Friday! 
Though, while she's sleeping there are a few things that need to be shared, so as I let sleeping dogs - or in this case cats - lie, I will just take a moment or two to point out the super awesomeness that needs sharing! 
First take a look at the framed articles that she has up in her bedroom... On the left you can see the amazing Flamingo Print artwork from the DOUBLE 0s, and on the right some adorable pictures of our RL fur babies - Izzy the dog, and Anna the cat - in some awesome Yuca and Lola Frames from Belle Epoque. Both of these things are available at the awesome Rally to Rescue event, hosted by Ghost Bullys MC to raise awareness and funds for Animal Rescue charities, until June 20th! 
Also, while you're looking, check out these amazeballs slippers from Violetility. They are a gacha release for the current round of The Arcade, and are one pair of a collection of Supernatural Slippers... It was so hard to decide which slippers I wanted to wear, they are all so cute and comfy, but well it's Cthulu how could I not choose these?! 
Can someone do me a huge favour and close the curtains though, the sun is getting into my little room and I want to sleep?!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Surrender in Redhead 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Pyjamas: Vanilla Bae - Sally Onesie in Plaid 
Slippers: Violetility - Supernatural Slippers in Cthulu Slippers (Available until June 30th at The Arcade
Pose: Pretty Sexy Things - Bettie, Pose 4 (Available until June 20th at Rally To Rescue)
Bed: dust bunny - Sweet Dreams in Wingback Bed 
Art: DOUBLE 0s - FLAMINGO (Available until June 20th at Rally To Rescue)
Photo Frames: Belle Epoque - Yuca and Lola Frames (Available until June 20th at Rally To Rescue

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