Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Beware the Dark House on Trick or Treat Lane!

So, in case you'd missed it, Trick or Treat Lane is now open and ready for exploring... There's lots of things to see and do, as well as lots of great treats to collect along the way! 
Creepy lil Rudh is raving about it to everyone... Today she even made the perilous journey through the dark corridors to share the news with the creepy old lady that remains locked in the attic. They lock her away for your safety, you know, she's too evil to be released into normal society and yet Rudhie cannot help but take care of her... Creepy family is still family!
There's a picture of the old lady in her younger days hanging on the wall in the corridor, just before her locked bedroom door - and yes they keep the door locked with chains as well as two locks on the door itself... The picture was captured as a Momento Mori, by the Oubliette team, and it's a very realistic portrait! Luckily her eyes are covered, it was the eyes that shared her true evil nature... 
The evil magic that fills this house causes so many amazing things to happen, like Rudh being able to carry one candle as many float with her to light the dark corridors - thanks to the Witching Hour Pose from Extra at Trick or Treat Lane! 
I have to say though I love the eccentricity of this creepy little Rudh's style... That adorable, almost Victorian style Presley Dress - from Momoko - paired with these crazy Bone Goggles - from Spyralle, both available at Trick or Treat Lane until November 2nd - is such an eye-catching look, it's such a shame she hides in the dark house and misses the light of day! 
Be careful though if you visit her on Trick or Treat Lane... There's much more to the seemingly sweet, lonely girl hiding in this house! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Batty (Current Group Gift) 
Head: Hotdog - Nightmare Heads Gacha Item in NH 4 . tan 
Goggles: Spyralle - Bone Goggles (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane
Dress: {Momoko} - Presley Dress (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane)
Pose: Extra - Into the Nether Poses in Witching Hour (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane)
Left Picture: Oubliette - Momento Mori (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane)
Right Pictures: Oubliette - Familiars Frames Prints (Available until November 2nd at Trick or Treat Lane)
Backdrop: MINIMAL - Insomnia Basement *7* 

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