Sunday, October 1, 2017

Dark Magic Awakens

It's here, it's here, it's FINALLY OCTOBER!!!!! Halloween month has officially started, and there is just SO much to be excited about... Events are popping up all over the place ranging from shopping things like the GBMC Rally 2 Rescue, and SALEM - my favourite shopping event at this time of year - to Halloween experiences like Nightmare and even the Gators MC Halloween Maze, but there's more than that too... 
The feeling of dark, twisted, evil magic takes over and I cannot be more excited!! Maybe for the first day of this magical month it's time I released a little of Rudh's dark twisted magic... Be prepared for some horrible things to come this month, beautiful gore, dark magic and a little madness... The magic is building inside me, and it's fighting to get out... 
This has to be one of my favourite pictures I've taken in a very long time, with a barely minimum edit of a little shrinkage, I think I outdid myself and I guess it's all down hill from here LOL... 
Taken at the Mystical Fae Forest, the magical woodland spirit is preparing herself to release that dark magic over the place... 
The enchantress casts her spell - thanks to a pose from Poseidon - and awakens the life around her, Flowers bloom from her mask shrouding her horns to create a feeling of safety that hides the darkness within, luring the animals like the cute little frog and the butterflies to come out to play. 
Her dress is soft and feathery, the Lunesta in a pretty shade of Mauve - a strange colour for Rudh I know but it just looked so pretty with the flowers, you can find it in a few different shades from Plastix at the current round of Cosmopolitan if you're interested! The Dark still calls her though, behind her mask her eyes are dark and malevolent ready to bring the evils of Halloween to life... So much to do, so little time and the month has only just begun!!! 

What is she wearing;
Flowers: LODE - Forest Beauty in Green Frog 
Hair & Mask: Tentacio - Dark Call me in Hair Red (Available until October 20th at LootBox Gacha
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Lipstick: PSYCHO:Byts - Sadayakko Lipsticks Pack 
Dress: PLASTIX - Lunesta Dress in Mauve (Available until October 7th at Cosmopolitan
Pose & Prop: Poseidon - Enchantress 10 

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