Monday, December 26, 2016

To the Bad Boys, From Santa

Santa came and went in the blink of an eye... I hope that he treated each and every one of you well and that you - like me - were thoroughly spoilt with gifts. Of course, Christmas isn't all about the stuff, it's about family and good memories, and I am happy to admit that we managed to get through the day without killing anyone! Always a sign of a Good day that! 
Before Christmas though I had been sent some simply amazeballs items of Christmas D├ęcor and funness from Violetility... I know that the big day is over, but there are 12 days of Christmas so plenty of time to play naughty with these awesome little toys... 
Santa left the bad boys a little gift under the tree this year... Rudhie wrapped in lights! You lucky lucky bastards LOL... He's gagged her too so that she doesn't actually have a chance to say anything - that will keep things quiet for you, again with the Lucky! 
The String Lights binding her legs, the Ornament Gag and the special Blue Light Plug are all items that were available in the 12 days of Christmas gift giving from Violetility - but can now be purchased pretty cheaply via marketplace!
Tossed on the sofa, Pantyhose pulled down - from Messy - and a dress that screams like it was made for spankings - from Method - Santa even wrote a little label to let the bad boys know they've been "good" - it looks like she put up a bit of a struggle if the redness on her bare bottom is anything to go by! 
I wonder if anyone would be interested in a trussed up Rudh under their Christmas tree LOL... Hope you had a wonderful day!! 

What is she wearing;
Head Accessory: [Atomic] - Christmas Crown in Color Lights (Gift Available until December 31st at The Arcade
Hair: TRUTH - Cerys in Reds 
Glasses: Rebellion - SAVANT Specs 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Gag: Violetility - Ornament Ball Gag in Green (Available in the 12 Days of Christmas Gifts) 
Dress: Method - Spanking Dress in Black 
Butt Markings: Ama - Spanked! 
Butt Accessory: Violetility - Light Plug in Blue (Available in the 12 Days of Christmas Gifts)
Leg Accessory: Violetility - String Light Leg Binds (Available in the 12 Days of Christmas Gifts) 
Socks: Messy - Dropped Pantyhose in Black (Available until December 31st at anyBody
Pose & Prop: Birdy - Cabaret Gacha Item in Chaise Lounge Red Gold (Available until December 31st at The Arcade
Label: Razorblade Jacket - Gift Bow (No Longer Available)

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