Saturday, December 17, 2016

Decorating for Christmas

Today HellBone and I are finally about to start decorating our house in RL... I say we but actually I'm going to be more of an observer than anything as I'm still hurting... 
In SL I am slowly beginning to decorate too. I cannot start planning Christmas décor too early, or I'd want to rip it all down by now, but I NEED to do something to get me feeling a little festive! 
Now this morning I logged into SL and found that my decorating needs to be done over a little bit, since one of my newer friends had a party last night and things were turned into chaos! 
He's lucky that he is so freaking cute! HellBone bought me a puppy - from December's Arcade by Jian - and he's been a little bit of a terror... A cute terror but a terror none the less. I was wondering what to call him, but since last night's little partying episode, I'm going to have to name him Smasher LOL... 
One random thing to mention before I sign off today is these baubles... The Broken Ornaments are so cute, and awesomely enough they come as gifts in the Violetility "12 Days of Christmas" group gifts bonanza... I'll attach a poster so that you can get the information you may want below, but each day you get a PG and a naughtier Adult gift if you want it! Prepare yourselves people, Rudh is going to be enjoying some naughty Christmas décor very soon LOL... 
I have to go and start decorating, I'm about to make my house look like Santa threw up on it LOL... 

What is in the picture;
Dog: JIAN - Holiday Huskies in Tangled Lights RARE (Available until December 31st at The Arcade
Baubles: Violetility - Broken Ornaments  (Available in the 12 Days of Christmas Gifts) 
Building:  Trompe Loeil - Noelle Cottage (Available until January 6th at Collabor88 
Tree: LAQ Decor - Christmas Tree in Classic 

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