Thursday, December 22, 2016

The New Narnian Snow Queen

December 22nd... Nearly Christmas... Why can't I get into the mood?! 
I'm doing a damn good impression of a n Ice Queen at the moment, not feeling very festive much more grinchy and definitely cold about the whole thing... I think I'd give the Narnian Snow Queen a run for her money if we had to compete right now LOL... Still I will persevere and try to find the spirit, hopefully it will hit me like a truck in the next few days or something?! 
For now though I'm going to let Rudh live as my Narnian Snow Queen for a bit... The picture that I took is one of my favourite pictures lately and it still makes me surprised to realise that I actually took it LOL... 
It came out SO WELL... Please excuse me whilst I pat myself on the back just a little! I love everything, the lighting, the outfit, the colours... EEEH I'm a happy girl about something at least - even if it's not Christmas. 
Rudh was able to have her Ice Queen moment at the gorgeous location of Nouvelles Aventures,which is such a pretty place that leads you on a walk through the snowy forest. She wore a Lethal Stalagmite Crown - from PSYCHO.Byts - and Snowflake Rings - from (Yummy) - to mark her reign as a Snow Queen. The snow dusts her face - thanks to Izzie's - and rests on her nose with her amazing new glasses - from Suicidal Unborn. One last thing that she needed was a fur - which she found at Mimikri - though she did tell me to quote another famous Snow Queen and say "the cold never bothered me anyway"... 
Why not come and see me for a little... I have turkish delight!

What is she wearing;
Crown: PSYCHO.Byts - Lethal Stalagmite Crown in Snow (Available until January 3rd at Winter's Hollow
Hair: TRUTH - Thea in Reds 
Face Snow: Izzie's - Face Snow (Available until December 25th at Tannenbaum
Glasses: Suicidal Unborn - Esme Glasses in Ink (Available until January 3rd at Winter's Hollow
Jacket: Mimikri - Alba Fur Jacket in White 
Rings: (Yummy) - Snowflake Rings Gacha (Available until December 31st at The Arcade
Pose: Image Essentials - Cute and Coy 10 mirror 

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