Tuesday, May 10, 2016

That's it... We're Leaving...

That's it, we're leaving... Can't take it no more!! 
Did I have you fooled? LOL... Probably not, but it was fun to joke hehe... 
Maybe you can tell, but in case you can't I'm more that a little bit crazy excited right now... Today HellBone and I are leaving, but only for a little holiday. Something much needed, and although we still have a lot of preparation to do at home today I cannot wipe the smile off my face... ENGLAND HERE WE COME!!! 
We're going home for a week... It sounds like a strange thing to say since technically my "home" is now in Holland, but those of you that live in a country - or any place for that matter - that you're not native to will no doubt understand.
No matter how much I have tried to assimilate myself into "being Dutch", it will never feel as truly restful for me as when I am able to just be English. You miss the little things, as much as you miss the bigger things like the family you've moved away from. It sounds crazy to say, as I cannot stand it in Holland, but I really cannot wait to do something as simple as go to the supermarket!
On a little side note, while I am in the UK I may not be logging into SL as much - in fact I doubt I will for anything more than picking up messages very sporadically while I am at home - but I have a list of posts ready to go so that when I wake up I can still have coffee and feed my blogging addiction LOL...

What are they wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Coco in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Tattoo: [White Widow] - Gravity in Black (Available until May 31st at We <3 RP
Collar: Kibitz - Leather Collar in Psycho (Available until June 7th at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Pants: Pixicat - Hunter Pants in Black (Available until May 31st at We <3 RP)
Hair: NO.MATCH - No Rest 
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Judas B5a T2 
Sunglasses: [The Forge] - Maverick Sunglasses in Black/Blue 
Necklace: TonkTastic - Dogtags 
Pants: Lapointe & BastChild  - Zip Plain Black Pants in Leather 
Pose: Come Soon - Leaving 

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