Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Surfy Snacks on a Heavenly Beach

Can you hear that rumbling in the distance... It's the sound of hundreds, if not thousands, of Secondlife's residents stamping their feet, pawing the ground and getting ready to charge... The biggest event of the quater is coming, and no matter if you love or hate it, The Arcade is always a major talking point.
Personally myself I am a yardsale shopper... I know that some designers are a little anti yardsales, but if I want things to have a complete set then I will always check out a yardsale to collect things. I have no problem with gacha machines in which I wouldn't mind what colour or design I get but for full collections, I just cannot afford to keep hitting a game of chance!
Anyway, before the craziness of The Arcade starts tomorrow, I am sending you a picture of my personal beachy heaven... The place I am relaxing before I join the other crazy shoppers to get my Arcade goodies...
The beach is a little slice of paradise, totally alone and peaceful... I jumped off my boat and found that the last person who'd found this deserted beach had thoughtfully left their hammock hanging for me.
Unloading my cooler and grabbing my beach towel tote, I skipped up the beach before heading back to grab the table and pop-up BBQ that I brought with me...
But it was the food that I am most looking forward too... Kebab skewers and shrimp on the barbeque, chips and dips and MMMMM look at that watermelon!!!
Makes heaven just that little bit more heavenly. The Lost Junction Surfy Snacks - available at the Arcade from tomorrow - are perfect for the beach and are making me hungry in RL...
Time to go find some lunch!!!

What is in the Picture;
Food: [Lost Junction] - Surfy Snacks Gacha Items (Available June 1st - 30th at The Arcade)
Table: [nefarious.inventions] - Drafted Gacha Items in Case Table
BBQ: Sari-Sari - BBQ Party in Meat Grill RARE
Magazine: LISP - Sunbathing Set in Pink
Hammock: [we're CLOSED] - Wood Hammock in Light
Bag: dust bunny - Beach Towel Tote in Chevron 
Sunglasses: KITJA - Sunglasses in Silver (Past Gift) 
Cooler: [Consignment] - Open Road Collection in Cooler Blue
Boat: [we're CLOSED] - Row Boat

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