Sunday, May 22, 2016

His Blood is a Nefarious.Invention

I am working in my SL job at the moment but it seems to be fairly quiet, so whilst I am watching the chat I thought "why not talk to you a little more?!"
What to talk about though? Perhaps I will tell you a little more about something I've shared with you here in the past, which is the fact that I am still trying to learn to take better pictures of furnishing and non-people filled locations. 
This time I heard a strange noise coming from Hell's Doody Man hideout... 
Someone had broken into the Boys man cave and was trying to steal their gold. Luckily the place was booby trapped and all of the boys war treasures - including their stacks of BAMSE gold and their BUENO safe - was left where it should be... The poor dead guy needs a name, I'll just call him Michael... Tough Luck Michael, better luck next time?! 
His blood was all over the place though, I have no idea what they set up as a booby trap!? 
Blood is something that seems to be a nefarious.inventions creation... Maybe something that you can get at the latest round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival perhaps? 

What is in the photo;
Body: xin + toro - Tough Luck Michael Gacha Item 
Blood: [nefarious.inventions] - Splish Splash (Available until June 7th at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Gold & Trolley: :BAMSE: - War Treasures Gacha Items 
Safe & Money: BUENO - Stash House Gacha Items 

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